Introducing the Health Catalyst Monitor™ Patient Safety Suite: Surveillance Module

Today’s standard approach of manual reporting hospital safety events reportedly finds less than 5 percent of all-cause harm. This limited approach, based on data that is at least 30 days old, also requires extensive time and resources for data extraction, aggregation, and reporting, resulting in limited root-cause analyses. This approach is like doing archeology – digging through ancient safety events to identify the causes of harm, which does nothing to help with the patient in the bed right now.

Introducing the Health Catalyst Patient Safety Monitor™ Suite: Surveillance Module, which solves the challenges confronting today’s patient safety experts. Unlike the standard post-event reporting process, the Surveillance Module is a trigger-based surveillance system, enabled by the unique industry-first technological capabilities of the Health Catalyst® Data Operating System (DOS™) platform, including predictive analytic models and AI.

The Surveillance Module quickly identifies patterns of harm and proposes strategies to eliminate patient safety risks and hazards for current and future patients. This potent combination of predictive analytics, text analytics and near real-time data from multiple sources enables the Patient Safety Monitor Suite to predict harm events and trigger a response while the patient is still in the hospital.

Patients on a particular unit at risk for a specific safety event

The patient safety suite, along with quality-improvement services and the Health Catalyst PSO, turns the current paradigm on its head. Unlike other approaches to using analytics within a PSO to identify and address episodes of patient harm, the suite monitors triggers in near real-time to reveal whether a patient is currently at risk for a safety event, so clinicians can intervene to prevent it. It provides constant vigilance; no patient encounter goes unnoticed.

To ensure expert-level patient safety services, Health Catalyst has assembled a team of nurses, nurse practitioners, and pharmacists, each with many years of both applied patient safety experience and outcomes improvement experience. Along with the suite, these services enable an organization’s active all-cause harm patient safety system to deliver measurable and meaningful improvements in quality, safety, and cost of patient care delivery. Health Catalyst is a partner, laser-focused on outcomes improvement and patient safety.

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