Data Warehousing in Healthcare: A Guide to Success

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Looking for a way to share his extensive experience with data warehousing in healthcare, in 2002 Dale Sanders wrote what many consider to be the “EDW Bible.”
It’s a document with guidance that, if followed, will drive value and utilization from a data warehouse. We’ve made that report available now.


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Editor’s Note: In 2002, Dale Sanders produced a 54-page report that came to be known as the “EDW Bible.” This paper, Designing, Developing, and Supporting an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) In Healthcare, was used by leading-edge data warehousing teams to create and grow their homegrown data warehouses—and do so successfully. It’s also an interesting look at the history and development of the EDW as used in the healthcare industry.

The report gives solid guidance on how to drive value and utilization from a homegrown data warehouse.

Although it contains some dated material, the heart and content of the piece is still, years later, extremely relevant to healthcare technology leaders today.

Please click here to download the paper: Designing, Developing, and Supporting an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) In Healthcare

However, it’s important to keep in mind that traditional data warehousing is no longer good enough. As Gartner recently reported, traditional data warehousing will be outdated and replaced by new architectures by the end of 2018. And current applications are no longer sufficient to manage these burgeoning healthcare issues. The technology is now available to change the digital trajectory of healthcare.

The Health Catalyst Data Operating System (DOS™) is a breakthrough engineering approach that combines the features of data warehousing, clinical data repositories, and health information exchanges in a single, common-sense technology platform. DOS serves as the vendor-agnostic digital backbone for healthcare.

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