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Health Catalyst Ignite™ Data and Analytics

Get the right data in the hands of decision makers—at the right time—to drive massive, measurable improvement.

Make Better Business Decisions with Data You Can Trust

Best-in-Class Technologies
Embedded Healthcare Expertise
AI-Powered Healthcare Tools
User Centric Self-Service Enablement

Health Catalyst Ignite™ Eliminates Data Barriers in Healthcare Improvement

Better Decision Making

  • Self-service data and analytics drives transparency.
  • Unified healthcare data products provide a complete understanding of the health system and patients.
  • AI embedded into existing BI tools and applications to drive more accurate decisions.
Ignite Data and Analytics - Health Catalyst

Faster Insights

  • Healthcare expertise built in AI drives efficiencies and reduces repetitive data management tasks.
  • Streamlined ingestion driven by our 300+ source templates. Pre-built standard APIs provide access to the data.
Ignite Data and Analytics - Health Catalyst

Maximize Investment

  • Modern data lake house ensures scalability and seamless integration for enhanced efficiency.
  • Processes and tools streamline operations, promoting adaptability to cutting-edge technologies.
  • Trusted technology partner simplifies the journey, offering flexibility and tailored solutions for healthcare analytics needs.
Ignite Data and Analytics - Health Catalyst
Products & Services

Our Approach

Ignite Organizational Transformation

Data Management Tools and Functions

  • Health Catalyst Source Templates
    Use our library of source starter sets for EMRs and claims, financial, and operational data sets to source your healthcare data quickly and efficiently.
  • Job Scheduling
    Plan and schedule technical jobs to populate downstream data marts and dashboards.
  • Data Profiling
    Analyze, examine, and summarize your healthcare data to see trends and quality issues.
  • Identity Management
    Make patient and provider data broadly accessible from one central location.
Ignite Data Products

Data Products

  • Expert Data Collections
    Drive consistency with a unified data model that provides a single access point to all your mapped healthcare data.
  • Terminology
    Use a comprehensive terminology management solution with complete, up-to-date code sets for standard terminologies and smart terminology mappings tailored to your healthcare data.
  • Data Quality Rules
    Flag basic data quality issues, enabling clients to identify issues upstream and improve time to value with consistent analytics.
Ignite self-service tools

Self-Service Tools

  • Pop Analyzer
    Build population cohorts and run analytics on your source and normalized data sets.
  • Healthcare.AI
    Leverage AI in your existing reports to drive more accurate decision making.
  • Data Entry
    Load your own files into Ignite for data mart building and downstream analytics.
  • Visualization Tools
    Bring your own BI development and/or AI modeling tools of choice without compromise to the user experience.
Case Studies

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Organizations

$32.2M Cost Reduction

through AI-enabled care management.

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Ignite Data and Analytics - Health Catalyst


AI-enabled direct variable cost reduction.

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Ignite Data and Analytics - Health Catalyst

Our data and analytics technology and professional services helped clients realize $1.6 billion in validated measurable improvements.

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