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Reducing Colonoscopy Cancelations and Increasing Efficiency

August 10, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • 44 percent decrease in cancelations.
  • 99.8 percent patient adoption.
  • 96 percent rated Twistle helpful in follow up survey.

Ensuring Convenient Refill and Delivery of Specialty Medications

August 9, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • 57 percent decrease in delivery arrangement time.*
  • 4.4 percent increase in specialty medication adherence.*
  • 95 percent patient adoption.*

*Based on analysis conducted in 2021 by the Credena Health and 2021 data on patient adoption provided by Twistle.

Improving Detection and Management of Postpartum Hypertension

August 8, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • 203 percent increase in hypertension screening.
  • 55 percent decrease in 30-day readmissions.
  • 49 percent reduction in readmissions among Black women.
  • 91 percent patient engagement.

Analytics Accelerates COVID-19 Vaccination Efforts

August 3, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • In just two days, implemented a solution to improve and streamline COVID-19 vaccination patient identification and prioritisation and call centre workflow, increasing the number of patients scheduled for vaccination.
  • More than 30,000 patients identified for ranked priority calling.
  • Call outcomes are now stored in a single location, enabling systematic reporting.

Data-Informed Patient Blood Management Saves $1.2M

July 27, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • $1.2M cost savings.

Charge Capture Improvements Increase Revenue by $552K

July 13, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • $552K increase in revenue in one year.

Improved Patient Access and Increased Demand Contribute to Additional Revenue

June 15, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • $25.4M increase in revenue due in part to a 15.8 percent relative increase in outpatient visits.

Data-Informed MIPS Improvement Efforts Drive Improved Quality Scores and Increased Revenue

June 8, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • Baptist ended the year with a 92.94-point composite MIPS score, achieving exceptional performer quartile performance, qualifying for the exceptional performer bonus and increasing revenue.

Improved Care Transitions Reduces Readmissions Saving $3.2M Annually

May 25, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • $3.2M in total variable cost savings, the result of avoiding 420 readmissions.

Remote Monitoring and Digital Patient Engagement Improves Blood Pressure Control

May 18, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • 22 percentage point increase in the number of patients with blood pressure control.
  • 80 percent of patients achieved an average SBP/DBP of <140/90.*
  • 36 percent of patients achieved an average SBP/DBP of <130/80.*
  • $7K ROI per provider per year.

* After one 14-day or 28-day Controlling Blood Pressure Pathway cycle.

Increasing Centralized Capacity for Prescription Renewal Requests

May 5, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • Over 3,300 renewal processing staff hours saved in first six months.
  • Additional 47 hours of staff time saved per month from elimination of duplicates.
  • Over 10,000 potential medication errors identified.

Simplifying Recovery from Total Joint Replacement with Digital Care

May 2, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • 44 percent decrease in hospital readmissions.
  • 15 percent decrease in length of stay.
  • 92 percent of patients found Twistle helpful.*
  • Eight percent increase in patients discharged to home (vs. SNF).

* Based on a patient satisfaction survey deployed by Twistle at the conclusion of the treatment pathway

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