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Improved Patient Access and Increased Demand Contribute to Additional Revenue

June 15, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • $25.4M increase in revenue due in part to a 15.8 percent relative increase in outpatient visits.

Data-Informed MIPS Improvement Efforts Drive Improved Quality Scores and Increased Revenue

June 8, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • Baptist ended the year with a 92.94-point composite MIPS score, achieving exceptional performer quartile performance, qualifying for the exceptional performer bonus and increasing revenue.

Improved Care Transitions Reduces Readmissions Saving $3.2M Annually

May 25, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • $3.2M in total variable cost savings, the result of avoiding 420 readmissions.

Remote Monitoring and Digital Patient Engagement Improves Blood Pressure Control

May 18, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • 22 percentage point increase in the number of patients with blood pressure control.
  • 80 percent of patients achieved an average SBP/DBP of <140/90.*
  • 36 percent of patients achieved an average SBP/DBP of <130/80.*
  • $7K ROI per provider per year.

* After one 14-day or 28-day Controlling Blood Pressure Pathway cycle.

Increasing Centralized Capacity for Prescription Renewal Requests

May 5, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • Over 3,300 renewal processing staff hours saved in first six months.
  • Additional 47 hours of staff time saved per month from elimination of duplicates.
  • Over 10,000 potential medication errors identified.

Simplifying Recovery from Total Joint Replacement with Digital Care

May 2, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • 44 percent decrease in hospital readmissions.
  • 15 percent decrease in length of stay.
  • 92 percent of patients found Twistle helpful.*
  • Eight percent increase in patients discharged to home (vs. SNF).

* Based on a patient satisfaction survey deployed by Twistle at the conclusion of the treatment pathway

Analytics Improves COVID-19 Workforce Management

March 9, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • Integrated COVID-19 surveillance data for more than 28,000 employees.
  • Effectively managed the workforce in relation to demand and available resources.
  • >$100K indirect labor cost savings, the result of automating staff exposure data, enabling the development of accurate schedules.

Digital Care Technology Enables COVID-19 Care at Scale

March 2, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • More than 38,000 patients were supported through COVID-19 screening, testing, treatment, and monitoring.
  • 64.1 percent of patients said Twistle reduced the need to contact a provider by phone.

Analytics Improves Management of Workforce COVID-19 Immunization Registry

February 23, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • In just three weeks, obtained comprehensive COVID-19 immunization data for more than 28K employees, 6K associated and employed physicians, and all contracted services.
  • Confirmation of COVID-19 immunization (or accommodation) for the entire Allina Health workforce.
  • $50K indirect labor cost savings, the result of integrating and automating COVID-19 immunization data.

4X Faster Migration of Data Visualization Improves Analytics Effectiveness and Reduces Costs

February 9, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • 4X faster migration than what other companies had proposed.
  • 65 percent relative reduction in the number of applications migrated—resulting in ongoing savings.
  • $85K in annual license fees eliminated.

Charge Capture Analytics Enables $7.8M Revenue Increase

January 31, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • $7.8M increase in annual revenue, the result of improved charge capture accuracy, based on the services provided.

Data-Informed Population Health Reduces PMPM

January 24, 2022
Featured Outcomes
  • 66 percent of MemorialCare’s ACO individuals at extremely high risk of severe COVID-19 illness were engaged by care management.
  • $2.3M in cost savings, the result of a 9.1 percent relative reduction in per member per month cost.

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