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Clinical Quality Analytics

Reject the clinical performance status quo by tracking every clinical behavior in your organization. With this 360-view of performance, you can immediately identify performance variance, root causes of underperformance, and areas that fall short of clinical improvement benchmarks.

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Reducing hospital readmissions is an important part of value-based reimbursement and population health strategies, and CMS imposes penalties for readmission rates. Organizations that fully integrate analytics and predictive models into their workflows—across multi-disciplinary care teams—have achieved as much as a 40 percent reduction in risk-adjusted readmissions for clinical cohorts.

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Outcomes Improvement

Every organization strives for excellence, and many achieve it in specific areas or pilots. But measurable, sustained, system-wide improvement requires a commitment to a data-informed, continuous improvement culture—supported by world-class best practice, analytics, and adoption systems.

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Research Operations

Integrating clinical care and clinical research through a standardized set of processes and infrastructure results in a research model that enhances care, clinical trial operations, and evidence generation studies. Such a model will make it easier to analyze a patient’s journey with their disease in the context of a complete view of all their data (molecular, genomic, lab, note, sensor, and patient experience).

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Patient Safety

In healthcare, risk management has higher stakes than in any other industry; leadership strategies must prevent and mitigate not only financial loss but human harm as well. Healthcare systems that successfully manage risk can protect financial capital, raise safety standards, and build an engaged organizational improvement-minded culture.

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