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Immediately Reduce Labor Costs Without Sacrificing 

With the Health Catalyst tech-enabled managed services, you don’t need to cut performance, people, or morale to cut costs. 


Tech-Enabled Managed Services

The only outsourcing decision that increases employee engagement.

Reduce labor costs immediately
Guarantee performance contractually
Care for employees thoughtfully
Simplify operations continually

Reduce Labor Costs without Cutting People, Performance, or Morale

Reduce Labor Costs

  • Create technology-enabled efficiencies through standardization, automation, and consolidation to reduce labor cost often by 15%-25%.
Healthcare Labor Costs

Performance Commitments 

  • Ensure performance through service-level agreements (SLAs), a shared governance committee, service-level credits, and transparent performance metrics. 
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Care for Employees

  • Extend an employment offer to 100% of in-scope team members and provides above-market compensation and benefits, ongoing education, and additional career paths.
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Simplify Operations

  • Simplify the management of entire functional areas by scaling the scope of the partnership and by consolidating vendors.
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A Unique Proposition

The Only Outsourcing Decision that Increases Employee Engagement

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A Win-Win-Win Proposition

The Health Catalyst tech-enabled managed services creates a win for the health system, a win for employees, and a win for Health Catalyst. 

Success Stories

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Organizations

• 15 percent reduction in labor costs
• 49 percent increase in efficiency
• 30 percent increase in team member engagement

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Our data and analytics technology and professional services helped clients realize $1.5 billion in validated measurable improvements.

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