Our Executive Team

Ryan Barry LT
Ryan Barry

Senior Vice President, Professional Services

Anne Marie Bickmore LT
Anne Marie Bickmore

Chief Product Officer

tarah neujahr bryan 1
Tarah Neujahr Bryan

Chief Marketing Officer

dan burton 1
Dan Burton

Chief Executive Officer

TJ Elbert
TJ Elbert

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Data

leslie falk exec page 600x0 c default
Leslie Falk

Senior Vice President, Value Architect

Kevin Freeman copy 600x0 c default
Kevin Freeman

Chief Commercial Officer

Paul horstmeier
Paul Horstmeier

Chief Operating Officer

bryan hunt exec 600x0 c default
Bryan Hunt

Chief Financial Officer

jason jones exec 600x0 c default
Jason Jones

Chief Analytics and Data Science Officer, General Manager, Data and Analytics Platform

Dan LeSueur LT 600x0 c default
Dan LeSueur

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Outsourced Business

Maxine Liu
Maxine Liu

Senior Vice President, Partnership Program and M&A Integration

linda llewelyn cropped 600x0 c default
Linda Llewelyn

Chief People Officer

Daniel Orenstein
Dan Orenstein

General Counsel

holly rimmasch 600x0 c default
Holly Rimmasch

Chief Clinical Officer, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Clinical Quality Analytics

Britney Rosenau exec copy 600x0 c default
Britney Rosenau

Chief Analytics Officer, Allina Health

Dave Ross
Dave Ross

Chief Technology Officer

Kyle Salyers exec 600x0 c default
Kyle Salyers

Senior Vice President, Corporate Development

jeff selander 600x0 c default
Jeff Selander

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Expansion Business

Edward Sheen

Chief Population Health Officer and Senior Vice President

trudy sullivan LT page 600x0 c default
Trudy Sullivan

Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer

Jill Terry
Jill Terry

Chief Learning Officer

dan unger 600x0 c default
Dan Unger

Senior Vice President and General Manager, Financial Transformation Business

MelissaWelch.Slavaphoto39 copy
Melissa Welch

Chief Medical Officer

Board of Directors

dan burton 3
Dan Burton

anita 1 600x0 c default 1
Anita V. Pramoda

Dawn Smith 600x0 c default
Dawn Smith

duncan gallagher 0617.1 600x0 c default
Duncan Gallagher

john kane e1498684679835 600x0 c default
John A. Kane

julie larson green 600x0 c default
Julie Larson-Green

mark templeton 600x0 c default
Mark B. Templeton

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