Cost Management - Health CatalystCost Management - Health Catalyst

Improve Financial Performance Without Compromising Quality of Care

Uncover investment opportunities, enhance contract negotiations, and reduce inefficiencies with trusted data and insights using the Health Catalyst Business Decision Support™.

Faster and More Accurate Insights

Comprehensive and integrated financial and clinical data
activity-based costing across 100% of clinical costs
Frictionless self-service reporting from the start
Timely, robust,
and predictive
labor productivity management

Make Better Business Decisions With Data You Can Trust

Strengthen Strategic Decision Making

  • Leverage activity-based costing to calculate true margin by service line.
  • View cost data by procedure, provider, and patient for in-depth analysis and at-risk contract negotiations.
  • Obtain guidance through clinical, quality, and financial analytics tools and expertise.
Cost Management - Health Catalyst

Transform Operations

  • Understand variations by physician and procedure across all cost areas.
  • Get timely labor productivity data reports and predictive analytics for better staffing cost decisions.
  • Get supply and drug utilization data to uncover usage behavior and variation insights.
Cost Management - Health Catalyst

Optimize Financial Reporting

  • Accelerate time to insight with faster reporting and data processing.
  • Make more informed decisions with a complete and granular view of cost models.
  • Gain real-time insights with an integrated data ecosystem that enables ad hoc reporting.
Cost Management - Health Catalyst
Cost Management

Products & Services

Cost Management - Health Catalyst

Understand True Costs With PowerCosting™

Our activity-based costing system helps health systems understand the true cost to lower expenses, reduce variation, and negotiate favorable at-risk contracts.

Cost Management - Health Catalyst

Optimize Labor Productivity
With PowerLabor™

Our labor productivity solution helps operational users get more accurate, timely, and actionable data, plus AI forecasting capabilities, to manage labor expenses.

Cost Management - Health Catalyst

Incorporate Clinical Quality Analytics Tools and Expertise

Tailor your financial analytics with clinical analytics context to better manage your health system’s unique needs.

Success Stories

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Organizations

$2.2 million saved

in 16 months while maintaining high-quality outcomes

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Cost Management - Health Catalyst

Up to 97% improvement

in information access time

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Cost Management - Health Catalyst

Our data and analytics technology and professional services helped clients realize $1.5 billion in validated measurable improvements.

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