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Real-Time Data Enables Improvement, Reducing Bariatric Surgery Costs by $840K

Opioid misuse and dependence are a growing concern for patients who have undergone bariatric surgery. As a provider of bariatric surgery to hundreds of patients annually, Community Health Network (CHNw) determined that it needed to focus on improving bariatric surgery care and patient outcomes, helping lower the risk of its patients undergoing bariatric surgery becoming dependent on opioids. By leveraging its analytics platform and a smartsourced clinical chart abstraction team, CHNw was able to gather data about patients undergoing bariatric surgery, resulting in improved care and patient outcomes, leading to reductions in opioid use, complications, and costs.

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Innovative Care Management Program Avoids Nearly $16M in Costs and Transforms Lives of Super-Utilizers

Nearly 60 percent of patients who visited The Queen’s Medical Center’s emergency department (ED) in Hawaii were experiencing homelessness—and some visited the ED every day. A disparate number of resources went towards treating these patients, and they would have received better care for their needs outside the ED. To improve patient outcomes and reduce costs, The Queen’s Health Systems developed a program to improve outcomes for this unique patient population, leveraging its analytics platform, payer data, and patient flow data to evaluate the system’s success and efficiency.

covid-19 risk prediction

Predictive Analytics and Care Management Reduces COVID-19 Hospitalization Rates Avoiding Nearly $2M in Costs

For people 65 years of age and older, COVID-19 hospitalization rates in the U.S. have been as high as 1,245.7 per 100,000 population, straining the resources and capacity of health systems. ChristianaCare needed to effectively deploy its care management resources, identifying patients with COVID-19 who were most at risk of severe illness and hospitalization. By leveraging its analytics platform and the predictive power of the Healthcare.AI™ solution to provide COVID-19 risk prediction, the organization was able to provide targeted interventions to those most likely to benefit and help patients avoid unnecessary hospitalization.

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AI Can Advance Health Equity

Health technology and augmented intelligence (AI) can significantly improve or worsen health equity. Recently, there has been a growing concern that AI is increasing disparity.1 ChristianaCare set a goal to reduce avoidable health disparities. The organization faced many challenges, including inconsistent collection, storage, and use of personal characteristics such as race, ethnicity, and language. Using its data platform and Healthcare.AI™, ChristianaCare now has a single “source of truth” for personal characteristics data. By treating health equity as a goal with the same commitment and focus as it would for other clinical, operational, or financial improvement efforts, the organization is purposefully using AI to achieve health equity.

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Mia Taylor Community Health
Mia Taylor, MSN, FNP-BC, APRN-RX, Director, Community & Post-Acute Care Services

The Queen’s Health Systems

“Health Catalyst has demonstrated the value of data analytics in the clinical setting. EMRs are not built to perform the type of analytics we need to improve the health of populations.”

Our Clients - Health Catalyst
Patrick McGill, MD, Chief Analytics Officer

Community Health Network

“Until we had the data to drive improvements it was difficult to impact change, but having that data was a pivotal moment that created a shift in our improvement journey. Through those organizational improvement efforts, we estimate that we have saved over 400 lives, touched approximately 400,000 lives, and saved approximately $35-40 million.”

Our Clients - Health Catalyst
Keegan Bailey, MS, Strategy and Technology Leader

Acuitas Health

“We used a creative mind and the vast data sources available to us in the platform to see results in one week—we have saved about 64 hours of staff time for one practice, eliminating approximately 70 percent of waste. We are delivering value to clinicians which translates to solid patient outcomes.”

Myra Davis
Myra Davis, Chief Information Officer

Texas Children’s Hospital

“Implementing an analytics platform should really be an appendix to the implementation of an EHR because the surge of data is just unbelievable and the appetite for it is huge.

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