Health Catalyst® Introduces Closed-Loop Analytics™ Services

October 1, 2019

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Healthcare organizations face provider dissatisfaction, lack of data integration, and excessive clicks to perform basic functions within the EHR.
Closed-Loop Analytics™ aggregates data, circulates that data into new or existing workflows, and then surfaces best practice alerts at the decision point for physicians, clinical providers, and financial and operational teams.
With clear calls to action throughout the workflow, organizations improve the utilization and effectiveness of analytics tools, yielding simplified workflows, decreased clicks, and improved outcomes.

With provider job dissatisfaction on the rise and the daily battle providers face every day to feel like they are positively impacting patients, the EHR only adds stress. Excessive clicks to perform basic functions, overly complicated workflows, and lack of data integration between systems lead to provider burnout, a reduction in the effectiveness of delivery of care, and increased clinician turnover.

Closed-Loop Analytics™️ aggregates multiple sources of data into a customized workflow within the EHR, or optimizes an existing workflow, allowing end users to more effectively use their data. By surfacing clear, concise calls to action at key workflow decision points, users such as physicians, other clinical providers, and financial and operational teams can improve the effectiveness of their workflows while decreasing the time it takes to complete them.

With reliable, actionable data accessible at the patient bedside, providers are 15x more likely to act on best practices and they experience 6x less clicks to perform the same functions within the EHR. The result? Less time behind a computer and more time with patients.

Surfacing Insights at the Point of Decision Making

Health Catalyst tackles these EHR, integration, and workflow challenges with its new service, Closed-Loop Analytics. Leveraging Health Catalyst experience and expertise, Closed-Loop Analytics integration services helps deliver analytic insights from a health system’s multiple data sources directly into the EHR, billing system, or other third-party applications, at a point in which an intervention can be immediately taken.

Closed-Loop Analytics enables healthcare organizations to optimally integrate actionable data and analytics into new or existing workflows, transforming world-class analytics into a specific call to action at the point of decision making. The process improves the utilization and effectiveness of analytics tools, yielding simplified workflows, decreased clicks, and improved outcomes.

Three Ways to Improve Workflow and Decision Making

Closed-Loop Analytics leverages three primary mechanisms (Figure 1) for improving workflows and decision making:

  • Increases user efficiency with data integration. Streamline EHR processes, reduce excessive clicks, and reduce provider burnout by embedding analytics output into a workflow tool (e.g., the EHR).
  • Integrates data analytics into your workflow. Increase effectiveness of analytics products by integrating data analytics into workflow components that enable actionable insights for the end user.
  • Integrates data in real-time. Access real-time data at the decision point to steer accurate decision making the first time.
Diagram of Closed-Loop Analytics
Figure 1: Health Catalyst Closed-Loop Analytics Services provides three integration services to increase efficiency and streamline processes.

UnityPoint Health Decreased Clicks, Improved Workflow, and Increased Provider Satisfaction

UnityPoint Health, a major healthcare provider across Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin, integrated Closed-Loop Analytics directly into its EHR with the goal to earlier identify and better treat patients with COPD. As a result, UnityPoint Health improved its workflow, gained operational efficiency, and improved clinician satisfaction. Some of the results from Closed-Loop Analytics include:

  • 83 percent relative reduction in the number of clicks and keyboard interactions.
  • 150 hours saved annually for the registered nurses and care coordinators providing care to patients with COPD, the result of closed-loop analytics and click reduction.
  • Significant improvement in documentation of process aims for high-risk patients.

Combining Expertise and Experience

The Closed-Loop Analytics team brings together integration experts from multiple clinical and analytics disciplines as well as team members with decades of combined experience working directly for major EHR vendors. The team draws on its firsthand experience with vendor products, a partnership approach, and sensitivity to the clinical and business workflow imperatives and challenges around deploying analytics solutions directly into the EHR or other third-party applications.

Closed-Loop Analytics integrates enterprisewide, vendor-agnostic products and solutions directly into EHR workflows, transforming world-class analytics—from all data sources throughout the healthcare system—into actionable insight at the point of decision making so organizations can provide the right care—how, when, and where the patient needs it.

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