The Healthcare Analytics Summit™: 2019’s Top Data Discoveries and Insights

HAS19 infographic coverThe 2019 Healthcare Analytics Summit™ (HAS) wrapped up with more than 1,600 industry leaders and professionals in attendance—the largest to date. Programming featured keynote addresses spotlighting the industry’s trending issues and opportunities, including healthcare in the age of augmented intelligence, data democratization, and virtual primary care. HAS analysts polled attendees, analyzed data, and reported real-time insights, allowing presenters to provide valuable and actionable feedback.

The attendees left the conference with compelling discoveries and insights:

  • Only 22 percent of healthcare professionals attending HAS believe their organization’s population health and accountable care initiatives are working.
  • 75 percent attendees are strong advocates of virtual primary care.
  • 82 percent of attendees agree payers and providers must collaborate in sharing data and actionable insights for success in value-based care.
  • 2/3 of attendees spend 40 percent of their time (or more) on work that involves convincing or persuading people to give up something they value (e.g., attention, effort, money, time) for something the attendee can offer.
  • 31 percent attendees believe Google could be most effective in applying its analytic and AI technologies toward disease and lifestyle management.
  • 61 percent of attendees believe their organizations can work harder to release their data to make machine learning and data more accessible to the public and ultimately more powerful.

“It’s inspiring and energizing to see so many professionals from across the healthcare ecosystem join hands to transform healthcare by collaborating, identifying problems, and designing solutions to drive massive change,” said Dan Burton, CEO of Health Catalyst. “This week our attendees not only discussed the unique challenges facing the industry, but more important, shared lessons learned and best practices using data and analytics that are driving clinical, financial, and operational improvements.”

These facts and more are featured in our HAS 2019 infographic. See a summary of new insights from 1600+ registrants.

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