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The Healthcare Analytics Summit 2024 (HAS 24) tackles some of healthcare’s greatest challenges by showcasing how leaders leverage AI and healthcare data and analytics tools to power organizational transformation and patient care. Read what’s in store at this year’s summit.

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Explore the latest frontier of high-value healthcare data and analytics leveraging augmented intelligence (AI) at the Healthcare Analytics Summit 2024 (HAS 24).

Imagine a scenario where preventative care completion rates increase by 40 percent and non-emergent department visits decrease by 14 percent thanks to augmented intelligence – this isn’t just hypothetical speculation; it’s the reality unveiled by one healthcare organization, among several presenting at HAS 24.

Indeed, the advancements in AI have propelled healthcare into a realm of unprecedented possibilities – from remote patient monitoring to billing optimization and clinical decision support. Plus, an array of tools designed to harness data for correct, consistent, and transparent insights have empowered clinicians and administrators alike with transformative decision-making capabilities.

Gain insights as leaders share their first-hand experiences, showcasing how the latest applications have shaped clinical, financial, and operational improvement journeys.

Presenters will address important questions, such as:

  • How can we ensure AI does more good than harm?
  • What pitfalls do you avoid when implementing AI?
  • How can frontline caregiver resources be utilized more efficiently using data?
  • What role can ChatGPT play in healthcare, and could it potentially replace jobs?
  • How can leaders replicate a comprehensive analytics strategy in their organization?

You’ll be joined by speakers from the nation’s leading healthcare organizations. Learn more about some of this year’s AI-centric sessions and what’s at the forefront of technological integration in today’s data-intensive healthcare environments.

Sessions to Explore Augmented Intelligence (AI) Best Practices

1. ChatGPT for Healthcare: From Potential to Reality

This presentation will demonstrate how to utilize ChatGPT to address long-standing challenges. Imran Qureshi, chief technology officer and chief data science officer at b.well Connected Health, will share initial findings, including a 40 percent increase in preventative care completion rates and a 14 percent reduction in non-emergent emergency department (ED) visits. Expect to hear real-life and hypothetical use cases and outcomes for clinicians, administrators, patients, and healthcare executives.

2. Expert Dialogue Series: Using Augmented Intelligence (AI) to Achieve Success

Jason Jones, PhD, chief data science officer at Health Catalyst, Julie Watson, MD, MPH, senior vice president and chief medical officer at INTEGRIS Health, Rhiannon Harms, chief data and analytics officer at UnityPoint Health, and Raymond A. Gensinger, Jr., MD, analytics and AI executive and independent consultant, will discuss effective AI strategies and pitfalls to avoid. They will also lead small group discussions and engage in a collaborative Q&A session.

3. Unlocking Efficiency: How Providence Harnesses AI and Encounter Data to Optimize Scheduling

Discover how a large healthcare system spanning seven states with 120,000 caregivers employs AI to manage service-line schedules, how they overcame resistance through effective change management techniques, and how they captured and communicated measurable results in this session, led by Martin Ray, LPC, CRC, executive director of workforce optimization, and Natalie Edgeworth, MHSA, senior manager of workforce optimization, both of Providence St. Joseph Health.

4. AI Governance in Healthcare: It’s Time to Move from “What” to “How”

UC Davis Health recognized the importance of addressing issues such as security, bias, and generalizability to assess the ethical use of AI models. UC Davis Health’s director of data and analytics strategy, Jason Y. Adams, MD, MS, will share their efforts to establish evaluation standards for AI models and their strategies for staying adaptable amid the ever-evolving landscape of AI technology.

Take Your Data and Analytics Operations to the Next Level

5. Key Lessons Learned and Results Achieved in our Multi-Year Data and Analytics Journey: $60M+ Improvements

Despite the rapid growth of healthcare data and analytics, many organizations continue to grapple with converting data into practical insights and incorporating it meaningfully into day-to-day activities. Rhiannon Harms, chief data and analytics officer at UnityPoint Health (UPH), will dive into how UPH personalizes data, using storytelling to drive engagement, and how they leveraged high-value data and analytics, including AI, led to over $60M in measurable improvements.

6. Democratizing the Analytics Function: Aligned Autonomy

Organizations often struggle to find a harmonious blend of analytics models. Stanford Health Care’s (SHC) Yohan Vetteth, MBA, vice president and chief analytics officer, and Mariah Bianchi, RN, MSN, NEA-BC, CPHQ, vice president of quality, safety, and clinical effectiveness, will explore how the health system, with over 880 beds and over $6B in net patient revenue, moved towards an “Aligned Autonomy” model, making data more accessible while increasing data integrity and overall security.

7. Why Better Decisions Are Sometimes the Best Innovations

The emergence of generative augmented intelligence represents a groundbreaking advancement, pushing the boundaries of computer capabilities beyond what we had previously anticipated. Jason Jones, PhD, Health Catalyst’s chief data science officer, will share techniques for extracting accurate and reliable insights from existing data resources while using AI applications.

Learn more about the power of data and analytics and its critical role in today’s delivery of value-based care through best practices and hands-on experience. Register today for the Healthcare Analytics Summit™️ 2024 (HAS®️ 24) and be a part of the future of healthcare!

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