Unleash Your Conference Mojo: How to Make Every Moment Count at HAS 24

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Are you attending the Healthcare Analytics SummitTM 2024 (HAS® 24) on February 27-29? Get the inside scoop and maximize your experience at this premier industry user conference with this comprehensive guide outlining simple actions to do before, during, and after the summit.

Unleash Your Conference Mojo: How to Make Every Moment Count at HAS 24 - Health Catalyst

Attending the Healthcare Analytics SummitTM 2024 (HAS® 24) is an exciting opportunity for healthcare professionals and executives to connect, learn, and stay ahead of the critical issues and top trends impacting the healthcare industry.

However, with jam-packed schedules and numerous sessions over the span of three days (Feb. 27-29), making the most of this valuable experience is crucial.

Strategic pre-conference preparation can optimize your time and ensure you gain fresh insights and practical knowledge to take back to your healthcare organizations.

Here are five tips for making the most of this world-class event.

1. Prioritize Learning Sessions.

Before diving into the whirlwind of presentations and networking events, review the conference agenda. Familiarize yourself with the sessions, noting specific topics or speakers that interest you. By identifying your focus areas in advance, you can better allocate time during the event and align your learning objectives accordingly.

Sessions fall into the following categories, with some sessions spanning more than one topic:

  • AI and Data Science
  • Clinical Quality
  • Cost Management
  • Health Equity
  • Labor Management
  • Patient Engagement
  • Patient Safety
  • Population Health
  • Revenue Capture

Setting clear objectives is another crucial aspect of pre-conference preparation. Ask yourself: What do I hope to gain from this experience? Whether deepening your understanding of predictive modeling or exploring innovative approaches in data visualization, having tangible goals will allow you to navigate through workshops and discussions more effectively.

Once you have identified these must-attend sessions, plan your schedule wisely. Map out which sessions overlap and prioritize those that are most crucial for your professional development. Sometimes, it’s necessary to skip a session in favor of one that will provide more value regarding knowledge, skills, or networking opportunities. Be active during these sessions, asking questions and engaging with other attendees for further discussion on any topics or points of interest.

During each session, make it a point to take notes. This helps consolidate information and capture key insights and best practices presenters share. These notes can serve as valuable references post-conference when looking back at what you’ve learned or need specific information from a particular session.

2. Maximize Networking Opportunities.

One of the key benefits of attending HAS 24 is the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals and industry experts. It is also an opportune time to schedule a meeting with your account team lead.

Meanwhile, download the HAS 24 mobile app and take advantage of this tool by searching the list of attendees by name, role, or organization and identifying individuals who may share similar responsibilities, interests, or goals.

In addition to using the HAS 24 app, social media platforms such as LinkedIn can also enhance your networking efforts. Follow relevant hashtags related to the conference (#ScarvesofHAS), and actively participate in conversations online by sharing insights or asking questions. This will expand your professional network and help you stay engaged during sessions and discussions.

Another effective way to maximize networking opportunities is by attending social events and meetups organized within the conference, including:

  • Pre-Summit Networking Reception
  • Braindates
  • HAS Dinner
  • Showcases
  • Affinity Group Meet and Greet
  • Après-ski-themed Dinner Event

These settings provide a more relaxed atmosphere for meeting new people, exchanging ideas, and building relationships outside formal educational sessions.

Moreover, utilize breaks between sessions or designated Q&A periods to introduce yourself personally and express your interest in their work, which can lead to valuable connections that may benefit your organization and personal career development long after the conference ends.

Remember that networking should go beyond just exchanging contact information—take a genuine interest in others’ work, offer support and collaboration wherever possible, and build lasting relationships.

3. Access Resources for Professional Development.

HAS 24 offers an abundance of resources to enhance your professional development. The HAS 24 Analytics Showcase and AI Showcase will feature 30+ data-related projects across various clinical, financial, technical, machine learning, and leadership topics. The face-to-face case study stations are staffed by health system frontline leaders and technical experts who can explain these improvement projects in person, allowing you to meet and participate in live question-and-answer opportunities with the presenters (and enjoy some amazing desserts while you’re at it!). Check back for more information coming soon!

Furthermore, don’t overlook post-conference materials and reports. HAS 24 organizers will provide attendees with additional resources, such as session recordings, presentation slides, or summary articles after the event concludes, allowing you to visit critical takeaways from sessions you attended or missed.

By actively seeking out and utilizing these various resources for professional development, you will extend the value obtained from attending HAS 24 long beyond its duration.

The summit is also accredited to offer CME credits for clinicians. The American Academy of Physician Assistants (AAPA), American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), and the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) accept certificates of attendance for educational activities certified for AMA PRA Category 1 CreditTM from organizations accredited by the ACCME (Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education). Please consult with your licensing board and the Instructions to Claim CME web page for information on applicability and acceptance.

4. Take Advantage of Winter Activities.

As you take a break from the enriching sessions and keynotes at HAS 24, delve into Salt Lake City’s winter wonderland. Embrace the thrill of skiing and snowboarding at the renowned Park City Mountain Resort, known for its powdery slopes and stunning mountain views.

For a more serene experience, embark on a picturesque snowshoeing adventure through the pristine trails of Big Cottonwood Canyon, immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Utah’s winter landscape.

Should you seek a unique cultural experience, explore the exhibits at the Utah Olympic Park, an iconic site from the 2002 Winter Olympics. Engage in exhilarating bobsled rides or witness athletes soar off ski jumps as you learn about the history of Olympic sports.

Conclude your day with a charming horse-drawn sleigh ride through snowy meadows, savoring magical moments amidst Utah’s enchanting winter scenery. A journey to Salt Lake City this time of year promises an unforgettable blend of professional growth and delightful winter escapades. Learn more in our Winter Activities Guide.

5. Don’t Neglect Follow-Up Actions.

Once HAS 24 ends, it’s time to reflect on the valuable connections and apply the lessons learned. One of the most essential follow-up actions is reaching out to new connections made during the conference. Whether it’s a fellow attendee, a speaker, or an exhibitor, sending a personalized email or LinkedIn message can help solidify those connections and pave the way for future collaborations.

Reflecting on lessons learned is another crucial step in maximizing your experience. Carve out time after the event to go through your notes and identify key takeaways. Which innovative, imaginative, or impactful strategies or use cases stood out? What actionable insights can you implement into your work or across your healthcare organization? Reflecting on these points ensures you don’t lose sight of what you’ve learned and continue to grow professionally.

Lastly, implement what you have learned when following up after a conference. Attending sessions and gathering knowledge is easy, but implementing those strategies in real-world scenarios is where true value lies. From optimizing data analysis techniques to improving patient outcomes through analytics-driven insights, every lesson should find its practical application within your organization. Take advantage of this opportunity, and act upon your newly acquired knowledge enthusiastically and seriously to achieve massive and measurable results.

With a strategic plan involving a clear goal, familiarizing yourself with the schedule and speakers, and taking time to enjoy what Salt Lake City has to offer, you can ensure that your time at HAS 24 is well spent.

Bonus Tips for a Successful HAS 24 Experience

Be mentally and physically prepared to make meaningful connections and gain valuable knowledge from industry experts. These minor adjustments can enhance your overall experience while maximizing opportunities for personal growth within the thriving field of healthcare analytics.

  1. Dress comfortably yet professionally. Conferences can involve long days of sitting through presentations and networking opportunities. By dressing in comfortable clothing that is still appropriate for a professional environment, you can ensure that you can focus on the content and conversations without any distractions or discomfort. Opt for clothing made with breathable fabrics and shoes that will keep your feet happy throughout the day.  Be prepared for varying temperatures indoors by layering clothing. Also, don’t forget to bring a scarf for #ScarvesofHAS.
  2. Stay hydrated and take breaks as needed. Don’t get caught up in the whirlwind of sessions and networking and neglect to care for yourself. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated and combat fatigue. Additionally, don’t hesitate to take short breaks when needed – even just a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle can help recharge your energy levels.
  3. Engage in informal networking during breaks. Don’t underestimate the power of brief, informal networking during breaks. Strike up conversations with fellow attendees while waiting in line for coffee or lunch or choose seating arrangements to sit next to someone new each time. These casual interactions often lead to valuable connections and insights that may not have been possible otherwise.

Learn more about the power of data and analytics and its critical role in today’s delivery of value-based care through best practices and hands-on experience. Register today for the Healthcare Analytics Summit™️ 2024 (HAS®️ 24) and be a part of the future of healthcare!

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