Join These Innovators at the Healthcare Analytics Summit 2024

The Healthcare Analytics Summit 2024 (HAS 24) to welcome Jennifer Doudna, PhD, co-inventor of CRISPR gene-editing technology, as one of several industry-leading keynote speakers.
The Healthcare Analytics Summit 2024 (HAS 24) to welcome Jennifer Doudna, PhD, co-inventor of CRISPR Technology and Nobel Laureate, as part of a distinguished lineup of keynote speakers.

The Healthcare Analytics SummitTM 2024 (HAS® 24) is a gathering of leading figures, practitioners, and innovators from various backgrounds, coming together to shape the future of healthcare. With the theme “Imagine. Innovate. Impact.,” the summit aims to guide participants in envisioning future healthcare possibilities and discussing practical pathways for their realization. 

The diverse lineup of keynote speakers highlights that groundbreaking ideas can emerge from any field, fostering diverse perspectives to inspire new thinking. This collective thought process is crucial in igniting a shared vision for healthcare’s future. 

Jennifer Doudna, PhD | Biochemist, Nobel Laureate, Co-Inventor of CRISPR Technology

A pioneer in the field of biochemistry, Doudna, from the University of California, Berkeley, has not only revolutionized genomics with her co-development of the CRISPR-Cas9 genome engineering technology, earning her the 2020 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, but she has also emerged as a pivotal figure in guiding public discourse on the ethical implications of genome editing. 

As a founder of the Innovative Genomics Institute (IGI) and a vocal advocate for responsible CRISPR use, her presentation at the summit is expected to explore advancements in genomic technology while emphasizing the necessity of concurrent discussions and policy developments regarding the ethical impact of these advancements on human health.

In addition to shedding light on cutting-edge genomic technologies, Doudna’s presentation will likely prompt crucial reflections on the healthcare system’s collective responsibility in wielding such powerful tools. Through her expertise and insights, Doudna will inspire attendees to not only embrace progress but also actively shape its trajectory with conscientious consideration for its impact on individuals, communities, and the global healthcare ecosystem.

Gregory Robinson, MBA | American Engineer, Former Director of the James Webb Space Telescope Program at NASA

A 33-year NASA veteran and former director of the James Webb Space Telescope project, Robinson was instrumental in turning around the failing program, a $10 billion initiative that was initially plagued by budget and schedule issues.

At HAS 24, Robinson will discuss his experiences with the project and explore universal lessons, highlighting how effective leadership and innovative thinking can overcome significant challenges in any field.

Robinson’s keynote promises to inspire leaders in healthcare, showcasing how perseverance and forward-thinking can lead to breakthroughs even in the most daunting circumstances. Attendees can expect to learn from his real-life success story and gain valuable insights that transcend the boundaries of space exploration. 

Michael A. Pfeffer, MD, FACP | Chief Information Officer and Associate Dean for Stanford Health Care and Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Pfeffer boasts a remarkable career in medicine and healthcare technology. Under his leadership, Stanford Health Care and Stanford University School of Medicine have successfully implemented cutting-edge technologies for groundbreaking research, teaching, and compassionate care across their network of hospitals and clinics.

Prior to joining Stanford Health Care, Dr. Pfeffer’s work at UCLA Health Sciences set a high standard for healthcare delivery, leveraging electronic health records and health IT. His global impact is evident through his lectures on health IT worldwide, publications in peer-reviewed journals, and involvement in prestigious advisory panels for advancing healthcare IT, such as the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Physician Committee.

With expertise in implementing novel solutions and advancements in medicine, attendees can expect practical takeaways and inspiring ideas that will reshape their approach to healthcare IT.

Lisa Bodell, CEO of FutureThink | Global Speaker on Innovation, Simplification, and Change, Best-Selling Author

As a global leader in simplification and innovation, Bodell has empowered executives at Google, Merck, Cisco, Citigroup, and others with her insights on embracing change and becoming world-class innovators. Bodell’s approach revolves around the concept of simplicity, and she emphasizes its importance for achieving success in today’s complex business environment.

Bodell not only inspires audiences but also equips them with radically simple tools, enabling them to focus on the work that truly matters. Her approach, as detailed in her best-selling books “Kill the Company” and “Why Simple Wins,” offers practical tools and takeaways for organizations to eradicate complexity and adopt simplicity as their new operating system.

Bodell’s session is expected to be a masterclass in driving significant changes in organizational culture and processes, illustrating how organizations can navigate and thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Natalie Nixon, PhD | Creativity Strategist, Author, and CEO of Figure 8 Thinking

Nixon is a creativity strategist who advises leaders on achieving transformative business results by applying a unique blend of wonder and rigor. As CEO of Figure8 Thinking, LLC, she assists leaders in amplifying growth and business value, and her keynotes focus on creativity, the future of work, and ingenuity. Her session will likely delve into harnessing creativity for organizational transformation, focusing on practical strategies to unleash curiosity, improvisation, and intuition in the workplace. 

Dubbed the “creativity whisperer of the C-suite,” Nixon’s approach to creativity as a business strategy is refreshing and pragmatic as it invites leaders to engage in alternatives to traditional problem-solving methods to produce tangible business results. Attendees can expect Nixon to share actionable insights on harnessing creativity within their organizations—a timely topic given the increasing demand for innovative solutions in the healthcare sector. 

Felipe Gomez | Devout Pianist

Gomez’s upcoming keynote promises to be a transformative experience. His unique blend of storytelling and piano performance is sure to captivate attendees, offering a rare opportunity to embrace music as a metaphor for life.

In addition to being an accomplished pianist, Gomez is the author of the best-selling book “Attitude-E: The Method for Being Entrepreneurial and Fulfilling Your Dreams.” His combination of musical talent and entrepreneurial insight makes him uniquely qualified to share practical tools and ideas for achieving excellence. 

Through his weekly interview program “Thinking Out Loud,” Gomez engages with global thought leaders, showcasing his commitment to inspiring others through meaningful conversations that transcend borders and disciplines. 

HAS 24 attendees can expect an unforgettable experience that will resonate long after the conference concludes.

Learn more about the power of data and analytics and its critical role in today’s delivery of value-based care through best practices and hands-on experience. Register today for the Healthcare Analytics Summit™️ 2024 (HAS®️ 24) and be a part of the future of healthcare!

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