Anna Kleckner, PhD, MPH

Business Consultant

Anna Kleckner is a systems thinker who understands collaboration as an essential leadership capability that leads to a higher level of customer engagement and optimization of strategy. Anna maximize skills and capabilities of her team members regardless of their job title. Agility is her strongpoint in a value-based care environment.

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Healthcare Data Literacy: A Must-Have for Becoming a Data-Driven Organization

The journey for healthcare organizations to become data driven is complex but absolutely critical for success in today’s increasingly digitized environment. Data literacy is an essential capability because it empowers team members at every level of the organization—from individual learners to executives—to aggregate, analyze, and utilize data to drive decision making.

To optimize data usage and reach high levels of data literacy, health systems can create a data literacy program based on four foundational elements:

1. Infrastructure
2. Access
3. Support
4. Privacy and Security

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