Virtual Care Analytics Supports Rapid Change in Ambulatory Care Delivery



virtual careCommunity Health Network (CHNw) rapidly adjusted to COVID-19, changing primary care appointments to virtual care. With this change came the need for new data and analytics to assess the impact on the number of completed appointments, and the implications for provider productivity and reimbursement rates.


CHNw is using the Health Catalyst® Data Operating System (DOS™) platform to perform scenario analysis, evaluating the impact of virtual care and reimbursement rate changes on financial performance.

The organization can model different start dates, reimbursement rate changes, changes in productivity, and the number of completed in-person and virtual visits to determine the impact on patient access and payment.

CHNw is identifying the safest outpatient visits to start rescheduling, and is able to visualize and address strategic scheduling challenges.


CHNw is using DOS to effectively manage the transition from in-person visits to virtual visits, safely meeting patient needs while also ensuring ongoing financial viability.

  • In just one-week, deployed COVID-19 virtual visit scenario planning.
  • Virtual visits now comprise more than 80 percent of all visits—40K visits in just one month.
  • Efficient prioritization of the ambulatory visit backlog.

“Using DOS, we’re able to immediately visualize the impact of virtual care on patient access, provider productivity, and the expected payment.”

– Patrick McGill, MD, EVP, Chief Analytics Officer


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