Responding and Recovering in Clinic Operations with Advanced Analytics




Acuitas Health was challenged to assist the providers it supports in rapidly modifying clinic operations to address COVID-19. Acuitas Health needed to quickly integrate data from multiple sources, visualize the impact of various changes on operational and financial performance, and start to plan for recovery.


Acuitas Health is using the Health Catalyst® Data Operating System (DOS) platform to aggregate and visualize new data, supporting its clients in quickly transitioning to telehealth, and monitoring and managing the impact of canceled appointments on operational and financial performance. DOS integrates data from multiple EMRs, HIEs, admission, discharge, transfer data (ADT), claims data, and scheduling data.

Acuitas Health can analyze the utilization of mobile COVID-19 testing and results, COVID-19 ADTs, telehealth and in-person visit data, including the number of arrived appointments, cancellations, no-shows, and provider capacity. These data are analyzed by the primary payer, department, and location, supporting providers in continually adjusting operations to new business needs.

Clinics use this real-time surveillance information to assess capacity, safely plan, and re-engage patients in care, offering patients a telehealth visit or in-person visit.


Acuitas Health effectively responded to evolving practice requirements, synthesizing complex healthcare system data in a manageable way for clinicians, empowering clinicians to pivot care delivery, improving patient outcomes quickly.

  • In just one week, deployed integrated dashboards for managing clinic capacity, visit volume, COVID-19 mobile appointments, and telehealth appointments.
  • Supported the shift of telehealth from a supplement to a primary modality, allowing its customers to lay the foundation for more comprehensive and available virtual care.
  • Provided the data and analytics critical for both the ongoing management  of the clinical realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, and business redesign to drive financial recovery.

“Data is critical to effectively guide crisis management. Both the presence, and absence of data is important. Our platform and capabilities afford us the ability to quickly acquire, master, and analyze data, and present insights in ways meaningful to our stakeholders.”

– Keegan Bailey, Senior Leader, Acuitas Health


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