Transform Your Labor Cost Management Strategy: Introducing the Health Catalyst PowerLabor™ Application

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • View Comprehensive Labor Data in One Place: Department and unit managers can analyze labor costs with an integrated view of all labor productivity data, including cost and hours, by system, location, department, team, and job role in one location.
  • Proactively Schedule to Volume: With a complete view of categorized labor hours in relation to costs (e.g., contracts, premiums, overtime, and staffing mix), decision makers can easily identify labor trends, comparisons, and rollups across departments to accurately predict labor needs, plan for changes in staffing, and optimize staff to patient ratios. 
  • Drive Adoption with Expert Guidance: To maximize the PowerLabor application, Health Catalyst experts help categorize and refine data through an initial assessment and data integration from multiple data sources (e.g., EMR, billing, HR/payroll, time and attendance, and general ledger). Our implementation teams also provide train-the-trainer sessions to drive the most effective adoption.

Transform Your Labor Cost Management Strategy: Introducing the Health Catalyst PowerLabor™ Application

Labor costs encompass nearly 60 percent of the typical healthcare budget and are growing faster than healthcare systems can afford. COVID-19 responses only exacerbated this financial pressure. Controlling escalating labor costs means eliminating waste and using data to find where budgeted staffing hours exceed or fall short of patient needs. Most organizations have the wrong tools to understand labor demands and instead try to guess future patient volumes and staffing needs by using retrospective data that lacks timeliness.

The Health Catalyst PowerLabor application leverages augmented intelligence (AI)-powered forecasting capabilities to deliver accurate labor data to operational leaders. With timely workforce insight, health systems can close the gap between staff budgeting and future patient volumes, control labor expenses, and track progress toward budget and staffing targets. 

Join John Hansmann, Senior Vice President of Strategic Consulting Operations at Health Catalyst, and Sean Latimer, Senior Director of Product Management at Health Catalyst, as they demonstrate how PowerLabor can help your organization increase productivity while ensuring resources for excellent patient care.

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