Master Your Value-Based Care Strategy: Introducing Health Catalyst Value Optimizer™

During this webinar you’ll learn the following about Value Optimizer:

  • Comprehensive, quantified intelligence. Value Optimizer presents one solution to understand all your financial options—up to 10,000 possible opportunities across the care continuum—benchmarked and compared with dollar impact.
  • Accuracy and context for better decisions. With continually refreshed data and benchmarking (using risk-adjusted codes, published research, or “digital twin” population matching), the app serves up timely and meaningful data to guide your VBC strategy.
  • Transparency, not “black box.” With fully disclosed and legible groupers, metric calculations, and risk and benchmarking methodologies, the solution allows open-book analytics across 10+ domains from inpatient to post-acute, prescriptions to coding, chronic to end-of-life care, etc.
  • Expert guidance. Our most successful clients work with our services team to explore opportunities within the complete clinical, operational, and financial context for a given population—accessing guidance that up-levels their strategic insight and accelerates success.

Master Your Value-Based Care Strategy: Introducing Health Catalyst Value Optimizer™

Each year CFOs and population health executives at health systems (and other risk-bearing entities) ask themselves: What is our strategy to realize maximum value in our risk-based contracts? Many organizations lack an approach for managing complex, risk-based populations—one that is driven by data, helps them understand their performance, and shows them which of their many options should be prioritized and pursued.

The Health Catalyst Value Optimizer™ solution help systems master their value-based care (VBC) strategy and achieve profitability in population health management. Delivering data aggregation, integration, and analysis, Value Optimizer instantly identifies the most valuable benchmarked opportunities for improvement across the continuum—offering actionable guidance for success in risk-based contracts. 

Join Mike McBride, Vice President of Payment Transformation at Health Catalyst, as he demonstrates how Value Optimizer empowers leaders to confidently pursue a rational course toward improved risk-based performance. 

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