Effective Healthcare Data Governance Strategy Propels Analytics Transformation

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • The common pitfalls of data governance and how to address them.
  • How to use the momentum from the data procurement stage to develop an effective data governance strategy.
  • The positive results health systems can achieve from effective data governance.

Effective Healthcare Data Governance Strategy Propels Analytics Transformation

Data governance often has negative connotations, such as contention, complexity, or tedium. In addition, the challenges associated with effective data governance—including breaking down long-existing data silos, a lack of trust in the data, and executive buy-in—can further thwart progress. There are, however, better ways to perform healthcare data governance. Join this webinar with Phillip Rowell, Vice President of Clinical and Business Intelligence at Carle Health and Bryan Hinton, Chief Technology Officer at Health Catalyst, to learn how proven approaches and a shared vision for data governance allow health systems to maximize data, their greatest asset.

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