Population Health – People Get Ready

October 27, 2021
Will Caldwell, MD, MBA

Senior Vice President and Executive Advisor

Posted in Population Health

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:

  • Create excitement about your role in helping others live healthier lives.
  • Raise awareness of the opportunity facing us.
  • Help us understand the role private equity is playing.
  • Encourage us to rethink how we source and use data.
  • Explain the transition from disease management to population health management.
  • Discuss the largest unrealized opportunity in managing the total cost of care and driving better outcomes.

Population Health – People Get Ready

Most population health webinars focus on topics like chronic disease management, closing care gaps, and the role of preventative care. While these are important concerns, we want you to rethink the meaning of population health and why it’s so important right now. After years of saying value-based care is coming, Dr. Will Caldwell, a physician with 19 years of experience and the Senior Vice President for Population Health at Health Catalyst, will make the case that emerging trends are enabling the true shift to population health.

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