An Analytics Foundation Proves Critical for Effective Healthcare Products

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In this episode of Owning the Future of Healthcare, a Health Catalyst podcast, listeners and viewers learn the basics of building data and analytics products that healthcare organizations can leverage in a practical clinical or business setting. Anne Marie Bickmore, Chief Product Officer at Health Catalyst, explains the misconceptions of product development—especially in an ever-evolving industry—and the four considerations all product development teams should follow to build reliable, adaptable products that translate to a healthcare setting—now and in the future.

Tune in to Hear Bickmore Answer These Questions

  • What makes a good foundation for high-quality products? 2:19
  • How does data standardization and better product development benefit patients? 5:07
  • How does understanding the business of healthcare drive patient-centric products? 5:45
  • What is the benefit of having someone with a clinical background guiding product development? 7:45
  • Why is it important to build products that can adapt and change? 10:47

Noteworthy Quotes from Bickmore

“It is the foundations of data that are more important than the products on top; healthcare changes, and a strong foundation allows products to adapt and respond to market changes.”

“Products must be patient centric­­—without the patient, you have no industry.”

“If you cannot compare and combine sources of data, you can’t build a strong foundation for high-quality products.”

“Understanding the business side of healthcare keeps doors open, which is very patient-centric, because patients need access to good healthcare.”

Part 2: How AI and Data Can Streamline Healthcare

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