Part 2: How AI and Data Can Streamline Healthcare

In his second episode of the Health Catalyst podcast, Owning the Future of Healthcare, Jason Jones, Chief Analytics and Data Science Officer, Senior Vice President, and General Manager of the Platform Business Unit at Health Catalyst, continues his explanation of augmented intelligence (AI) in healthcare. Jones addressed AI’s burgeoning role in healthcare in his first episode, and in this installment, he discusses how AI intersects with other healthcare technologies and how organizations can use AI in the most ethical way to overcome health disparities and promote equity.

Tune in to Hear Jones Answer These Questions

  • How does AI intersect and assist with other digital transformations, including telemedicine? 3:53
  • What specific measures can organizations use to ensure equitability and efficacy when using AI in healthcare? 7:51
  • What role does AI play in using technology intentionally to achieve health equity? 11:04
  • How can organizations facilitate the necessary change management for effective AI integration? 13:50
  • How can organizations get all team members on the same page when it comes to AI? 23:13

Noteworthy Quotes from Jones

“Leaders must consider equity and efficacy to help AI reach its full potential.”

“Models will get answers wrong, but a wrong answer should not be the last time the model is used.”

“AI can help systems achieve equity across gender, age, geography, race and ethnicity, primary spoken language, and more.”

Part 1: How AI and Data Can Streamline Healthcare

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