A Guidebook for Implementing Care Management

A Guidebook for Implementing Care Management

care management handbook

We intend this guidebook to be practical and actionable—but also flexible enough to conform to your organization’s unique population health management goals, resources for care management, and vision for the role that care management can play in supporting population health. The recommendations in this guidebook are based on best practice, but aren’t prescriptive “one size fits all.”

A Guidebook for Implementing Care Management

This book presents guidance for implementing care management programs in healthcare organizations. It includes practical guidance on structuring a care management program, establishing effective processes and teams, and continually measuring and improving its value to the organization.

Our goal is to help your organization meet its population health management goals—improving outcomes, reducing costs, and increasing the quality of life for the patients you serve. This handbook includes recommendations on the role of care management to support population health and how an organization can prepare to implement care management.

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