Population Health Management

Population Health Management

Population Health Management e-book cover

This handbook aims to provide practical and flexible guidance for your organization’s journey toward population health management, with a specific focus on the analytics to support this effort. We believe—and have seen among our client-partners—that when financial, clinical, analytic, and operational leaders work in an aligned way, they can succeed in achieving the promise of population health management: better care at lower costs, a stronger organization, and a healthier community.

This handbook focuses on data and analytics to shape and support an overall population health strategy. This is complex work—but it may not be the most difficult part of your journey.

Among our partner organizations, we often see that the greatest hurdles they face relate to leadership, focus, and adoption. PHM requires significant behavior change—not to mention new workflows, tasks, and accountabilities. And regardless of the change or how well planned it is, it’s common to experience some loss of productivity and performance at the start.

For support navigating the many challenges of organizational change, consider the Health Catalyst resources listed in the callout on the following page.

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