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HAS 20 Virtual: Reimagining the Healthcare Conference

July 2, 2020
Tarah Neujahr Bryan

Chief Corporate Brand and Communications Officer

Article Summary

The future of healthcare is here, with its focus on data sharing, technological pushes forward, and virtual work wherever possible. We are excited to embrace the adventure and challenge of these changes by reimagining the Healthcare Analytics Summit (HAS) 2020 as a virtual format that will be unlike any other healthcare conference you may have attended, virtual or otherwise.
HAS 20 Virtual takes place September 1-3, 2020 and will feature nationally recognized keynote speakers, educational breakout sessions, and many of the unique touches you’ve come to expect from HAS.

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Respond, Recover, Reimagine … Health Catalyst is doing the same in the world of the new normal. For all of its heartbreaking tragedies, COVID-19 is also driving changes that will benefit the world and humanity. The future of healthcare is suddenly here, with its focus on data sharing, technological pushes forward, and virtual work wherever possible.

Social distancing aside, our ability to interact with one another through virtual video settings avoids the constraints and environmental impact of physical travel, along with time efficiencies and financial savings.

We are excited to embrace the adventure and challenge of these changes by reimagining the Healthcare Analytics Summit™ (HAS) 2020 as a virtual format that will be unlike any other healthcare conference you may have attended, virtual or otherwise. HAS 20 Virtual takes place September 1-3, 2020 with shorter half-day sessions, optimized for this year’s unique circumstances.

Analytics in the New Normal

We’ve all seen COVID-19 disrupt our systems, processes, and assumptions, forcing healthcare organizations worldwide to use data and analytics to predict and execute almost limitless clinical, financial, and operational scenarios. And those who’ve handled this unprecedented situation the best have used data and analytics more deeply and critically than ever before. We think it’s important to share those stories and best practices with you in the smartest, safest way possible.

HAS 20 Virtual will feature speakers who’ve battled COVID-19 in the trenches as well as other speakers adjusting and pivoting for the new normal we are all anticipating. Breakout sessions will cover a wide perspective of analytics use cases and case studies covering all four phases of COVID-19 impact: prepare, respond, recover, and plan. This year’s summit will keep the high standards and unique elements you’ve come to expect during HAS, from world-class keynote speakers to the individual connections of the Analytics Walkabout and Braindate.

Below is an overview of what we have planned, with many more details still to come.

A Healthcare Conference with Nationally Recognized Keynote Speakers

HAS 20 feature nationally-recognized keynotes sharing best practices and recent experiences using data and analytics in today’s new normal. Some of this year’s keynote speakers include:

  • Eric Topol, MD – Author, AI expert and healthcare futurist, will share his always insightful perspective on the impact of COVID-19 and our data-driven world.
  • Vice Admiral Raquel C. Bono, MD – Former CEO and director of the U.S. Defense Health Agency and head of Washington state’s COVID-19 healthcare response team, will share her thoughts and experiences in being on the front line of the earlier COVID affected region.
  • Ari Robicsek, MD – Chief Medical Analytics Officer at Providence St. Joseph Health and a specialist in infectious diseases, will share how the health system quickly mobilized data to prepare and synthesize information about COVID-19 patients throughout their system.
  • Anita Pramoda – CEO, Owned Outcomes Board Director, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Former CFO – Epic Systems.
  • Yonatan Adiri – CEO and founder, Healthy.IO, former CTO to Israeli President Shimon Peres, will share innovations and new uses for smartphones in his keynote address: “The Era of the Medical Selfie.”
  • Amy Abernathy, MD, PhD – Principal Deputy Commissioner & Acting CIO, US Food and Drug Administration.
  • Sampson, Davis, MD – Emergency Medicine Physician, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Frequent Medical Expert on Today and CNN.
  • Michael Dowling – President and CEO, Northwell Health and one of healthcare’s most influential voices.
  • Brent James, MD, MStat – Clinical Professor at the Clinical Excellence Research Center (CERC), Department of Medicine, Stanford University School of Medicine, and known internationally for his work in clinical quality improvement, patient safety, and the infrastructure that underlies successful improvement efforts.
  • More keynotes to come.

Educational Breakout Sessions

Learn from a variety of breakout speakers from leading health systems sharing case study examples as well as subject matter experts based on experience across a variety of health system examples. Our focus is to give you detailed, practical, “how to” learning examples combined with question and answer opportunities. Some of this year’s breakout sessions include:

  • Effectively Restarting Elective Surgery After COVID-19.
  • Data Quality, The Bane of Every Improvement Initiative: Five Lessons Learned from COVID-19.
  • Virtual Care in the COVID-19 Era: Enabled with Enterprisewide Analytics.
  • “Bellagio Buffet” Analytics: Necessary for COVID Recovery.
  • Opening the Door for Patient Access: Growing Monthly Visit Volume by 27%.
  • Introducing the Data Science Maturity Model™: Realizing the Value of Your Investment.
  • The COVID-19 Silver Lining: Capacity Planning and Leadership Response.
  • Machine Learning, Social Determinants, and Data Selection for Population Health.
  • Hypertensive to Healthy: Keeping Patients Safe with Remote Monitoring.
  • Navigating the Post-COVID World Through Data Science.
  • Beginning a Predictive Analytics Journey: Choosing the Right Use Cases for Success.
  • Virtual Care in the COVID-19 Era: Enabled with Enterprisewide Analytics.
  • Prioritizing the Patient in Value-Based Care: A Data-Informed Approach.
  • The Analytics Emergency: Rapid Deployment of a Real-Time, Analytics-Enabled Incident Command.
  • The Ethics of AI in Health: Creating Value that Benefits Everyone.

A Unique Virtual Healthcare Conference

In addition to our featured keynotes and educational breakouts, we’ll again feature many other unique elements of HAS–all virtual. This includes the Analytics Walkabout, Machine Learning Marketplace, Digital Innovation Showcase, Braindate networking experience, and more.

Join this year’s summit and engage with others who are leveraging data and analytics to lead through massive uncertainty and change. Learn more about HAS 20 Virtual and take advantage of the special low pricing for this year’s special circumstances.

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