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July 21, 2021

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As value-based care (VBC) becomes more common in healthcare, population health leaders need a better approach to managing risk-based contracts and optimizing VBC strategies. Unfortunately, many health systems rely on outdated population health offerings that lack data integration capabilities and only provide a fragmented view of their populations. To pinpoint high-priority groups and succeed in VBC, organizations can rely on the Health Catalyst Value Optimizer™ solution. Value Optimizer aggregates and analyzes comprehensive patient data, then instantly identifies the most valuable opportunities for improvement throughout the care continuum. With a full-service solution and increased visibility into performance, leaders can master their VBC and ensure patients receive the best care at the lowest cost.

As value-based care (VBC) payment models become increasingly common, organizations need a better approach to managing risk and achieving profitability in population health. With an estimated $900 billion in wasted healthcare dollars every year, exacerbated by the pandemic’s temporary halt on elective procedures, health systems need to curb rising costs by taking a deeper dive into their VBC strategies.

To empower population health leaders to overcome these challenges, the Health Catalyst Value Optimizer™ solution instantly identifies the most valuable opportunities for VBC performance improvement. These insights help population health leaders optimize their VBC strategy and make population health efforts profitable.

Most Value-Based Care Solutions and Population Health Products Deliver Substandard Results

Traditional VBC solutions and population health offerings provide only black-box logic and groupers, which prevent leaders from accessing a baseline understanding of their populations or their current metrics for cost, risk, and quality. Common healthcare data infrastructure, such as EHRs, also lack the ability to deliver granular-level revenue and utilization information about specific populations—critical information leaders need to compare the total cost of care with performance benchmarks across the care continuum.

Healthcare organizations have continually relied on population health tools that lack data integration capabilities, resulting in partial data sets and an incomplete view of their populations. Without advanced analytics tools that provide comprehensive insight, leaders can’t pinpoint high-priority patient groups and instead use guesswork to steer population health efforts. Even when existing population health tools can identify improvement areas, they fail to offer practical next steps to address gaps and improve suboptimal health outcomes.

Leaders Take Control of Their Population Health Financial Futures with the Health Catalyst Value Optimizer

It’s time for leaders to reject substandard population health results and take control of their VBC strategy with a comprehensive value-based care solution—Health Catalyst Value Optimizer. Value Optimizer empowers healthcare organizations to achieve profitability in population health management by aggregating, analyzing, and instantly identifying the most valuable opportunities for improvement throughout the care continuum.

Solution features include the following:

  • Comprehensive, quantified intelligence: The Value Optimizer solution offers unparalleled depth with one comprehensive, quantified view of potential opportunities, enabling leaders to see and understand all financial options—up to 10,000 possible opportunities across the care continuum—benchmarked and compared with dollar impact (Figure 1). Visualization dashboards eliminate guesswork by magnifying the most valuable financial opportunities for optimal VBC success.
value optimizer readmissions dashboard

Figure 1: Value Optimizer readmissions dashboard.

  • Accuracy and context for informed decision-making:With continually refreshed data and benchmarking (using risk-adjusted codes, published research, or ‘digital twin’ population matching), Value Optimizer delivers timely, meaningful VBC analytics and data to guide the most effective strategy.
  • Transparency replaces “black box” algorithms:Rather than blindly trusting metrics, leaders can rely on a transparent view of legible groupers, metric calculations, and risk and benchmarking methodologies for a covered population. Increased visibility allows open-book analytics across 10+ population-health domains from inpatient to post-acute, measures to coding, and chronic patient to end-of-life, to name a few.
  • Expert guidance: To maximize the robust technology and take VBC performance to the next level, financial leaders can collaborate with Health Catalyst experts to identify every opportunity within the clinical, operational, and financial context for any population. The latest insight combined with added bench strength from population health experts elevates strategic objectives and accelerates VBC success.

Value Optimizer: The Complete Value-Based Care Solution that Reveals More Financial Opportunities

Population health leaders can rest assured they are maximizing every opportunity in their value-based agreements with Value Optimizer. This full-service solution increases visibility and understanding into performance, empowering leaders to master their VBC strategy and confidently deliver the best care to every patient.

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