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A Healthcare Worker Shortage Action Plan: Short-Term Wins and Long-Term Strategy

The healthcare worker shortage is heading toward a deficit in the millions. Healthcare organizations need a short- and long-term action plan. Learn how to create the right action plan to achieve your long-term goals while realizing immediate impacts.

How Technology Can Have a Positive Impact on Health Equity and Reduce Disparities

Learn how to support health equity with patient engagement technology. Help patients attain their full health potential every step of the way by:

How Digital Patient Engagement Optimizes Chronic Condition Management

Healthcare today is often episodic, and patients’ conditions may develop or worsen needlessly for those facing barriers such as access to care, medications, healthy food, and other needs. The ongoing healthcare provider shortage also leads to delayed care and poor outcomes. Learn how patient engagement technology can help!

5 Steps to Improve Population Health Management with Personalized Patient Engagement

Healthcare organizations continue to navigate the complicated shift from fee-for-service reimbursement models to value-based care.

To successfully make that transition, population health management (PHM) is an essential tool to bridge gaps in care, reach underserved communities, and improve the health of at-risk populations.

Our Mission Is Your Mission: Accomplished – The Top Customer Success Stories

Read the top customer success stories of data-informed improvement in the following areas: cost, revenue, clinical operation, and population health.

Patient Engagement Executive Handbook – Healthcare Innovation

Healthcare leaders are finding now more than ever that engaging patients will be the key to retaining them in a healthcare environment in which choice will be a determining factor in market success. The Patient Engagement Executive Handbook from Healthcare Innovation is the definitive paper on all things patient engagement and will serve as the leading resource for healthcare executives to turn to for guidance along their journey of engaging patients.

Today’s Population Health Management: Achieve More with Smarter Insights and Targeted Interventions

Break free from the population health status quo of black box algorithms and shallow insights. In today’s value-based market, population health challenges demand technology that generates insights by aggregating data from all source systems, normalizing that data, and integrating clinical, financial, and operational data sets. Health systems that go beyond black box measurements by leveraging a far-reaching population health management solution transform healthcare and save millions by improving care for high-risk populations, thriving under value-based care, and reimagining care coordination.

How the Most Successful Health Systems Use a Data and Analytics Platform to Drive Meaningful Improvement

Today’s healthcare data status quo of black boxes and shallow insights too often keeps organizations from realizing the digital era’s transformational potential. Without accessible, accurate, timely data, health systems struggle with challenges from patient outcomes and experience to profitability and, since 2020, COVID-19. Only with a commercial-grade data and analytics platform built exclusively for healthcare can organizations confidently scale analytics productivity to improve outcomes, respond to a crisis, and boost revenue.

Data-Informed Care Transformation: Five Success Stories

From negotiating at-risk contracts to improving quality measures, population health initiatives require a flexible, adaptable data analytics platform. Learn how the most successful organizations are tackling these quality-related problems.

How Successful Organizations Are Addressing Cost Issues With Data

Learn how the most successful organizations are tackling cost-related problems through smartsourcing.

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