Vivian Anugwom

Manager, Health Equity at Allina Health

Vivian Anugwom is the Health Equity Manager at Allina Health. She is a trained community health educator with several years of experience in health care operations and program development. She has worked with programs that have served patients across the care continuum from diabetes prevention to end of life care. In 2016, she led the integration of LifeCourse, a late life supportive care approach, into a Federally Qualified Health Center in Minneapolis. Driven by a passion for building relationships and collaborating with others to improve community health, Vivian works to eliminate health disparities in underserved populations around the world.

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Implicit Bias Training Helps Eliminate Healthcare Disparities

From hospitals and clinics to data warehousing companies, overcoming implicit biases with the help of up-to-date data can improve patient care and team member equity. Allina Health and Health Catalyst used data to discover that implicit biases existed within their companies.

At Allina Health, these implicit biases proved to be a barrier to patient care. They negatively impacted patient access to important resources like hospice care. At Health Catalyst, the leadership team realized there was a lack of women in leadership positions and a general lack of diversity in the technology sector.

Leadership teams at both organizations invested in creating implicit bias trainings to equip team members with tools to overcome their biases.

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