Vineeth Yeddula

CEO, KPI Ninja by Health Catalyst

Vineeth Yeddula is CEO of KPI Ninja by Health Catalyst. With over 10 years of experience as a healthcare leader, he has contributed greatly to performance improvement, analytical insight, and quality initiatives. Prior to joining Health Catalyst, Vineeth was the Co-Founder and CEO of KPI Ninja. He also served as the Chief Analytics Officer for a regional provider network consisting of 64+ hospitals in the Midwest region.

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The Future of Healthcare: Our Promise to HIEs

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) are critical to the movement of patient data across systems and technical barriers — connecting payers, providers, and patients — making these exchanges the epicenter of many healthcare communities. Health Catalyst is committed to the long-term success of HIEs and will continue to invest in infrastructure, people, and processes to support healthcare community growth. Our position and action plan for connected communities and strong population health and value-based care initiatives include the following:

1. Our vision for HIE
2. The Health Catalyst roadmap and pathways to success
3. Our long-term commitment to HIE and HIE sustainability

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