Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith joined Health Catalyst in June of 2015 as a Sr. Recruiter. Prior to coming to HC, he worked as a recruiter for 15 years with companies including: Parallel HR Solutions, Who Blue Resources, and others. He also spent time working internationally with businesses and students in the Pacific Island Kingdom of Tonga –as a consultant with Gateway Pacific, LTD.Trevor has a degree in Business Management from the University of Utah.

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Hiring Top Healthcare Analytics Talent: Five Best Practices

COVID-19 has escalated healthcare’s decision-making demands, reinforcing the industry’s need for highly skilled analytics team members. As a result, health systems face mounting pressure to hire the best-suited analytics talent in a timely manner and with minimal burden on existing team members.

Five proven inclusive strategies will help hiring managers efficiently build an analytics team that can adapt to healthcare’s shifting environment and also fit within an organization’s culture:

1. Open positions to remote employees and conduct interviews via video conferencing.
2. Insert “tollgates” into the hiring process.
3. Use scenario-based role play to assess many competencies concurrently.
4. Assess cultural fit.
5. Follow up with and provide feedback to all candidates.

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