Nicole Bailey

VP of Field Science

Nicole Bailey joined Health Catalyst in September 2021 from Parexel, where she served as the Global Head of Real-World Data Assets, leading a team to leverage healthcare data to support clinical research, informatics, clinical trials, and drug development activities. Prior to Parexel, Nicole was the Manager of Epidemiology and Clinical Trial Services, responsible for developing novel methodology for real-world data studies in post-market drug and device research, as well as producing real-world evidence, to understand and improve clinical understanding of patient outcomes. Nicole holds an MPH in Epidemiology from the University of Utah School of Medicine, Division of Public Health.

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Expedite Research Timelines, Optimize Research Design, and Improve Patient Outcomes Using a New Source of Research-Grade Data

Health Catalyst is committed to supporting life sciences organizations in expediting research timelines, optimizing research design, and improving patient outcomes through access to a new source of research-grade data, rapid cohort creation, automated patient engagement, and augmented intelligence. 

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