Melissa Welch, MD

Former Chief Medical Officer

Melissa Welch, MD, is the former Chief Medical Officer at Health Catalyst. Effective population health initiatives are challenging to implement for a variety of reasons. Care teams are already overburdened, and healthcare data is challenging to aggregate and analyze. These factors make it difficult to accurately identify patients who are high-risk or have rising risk for poor outcomes and provide appropriate intervention. To manage patient populations effectively and efficiently, healthcare organizations must be able to automate predictive risk stratification based on claims data, clinical data, and social determinants of health data. When care teams know which patients need the most help, which patients have rising risk, and which patients are healthy, they can focus their valuable time where it’s needed most. In this webinar, Dr. Welch shares best practice strategies for utilizing analytics that empower change with actionable workflows to ensure that clinically integrated entities can manage high-risk populations appropriately, while also caring for those with rising risk, and engaging with healthy population.

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