Jessica Curran

Sr. Data Scientist

Jessica Curran joined Health Catalyst in November 2019 in professional services. She serves as a data scientist and product owner, helping to build, implement, support, and educate on the Health Catalyst augmented intelligence product suite, Healthcare.AI™. Curran has over 20 years of experience in healthcare, including work for an EHR vendor, a popular consumer Healthcare website, and teaching statistics and biostatistics at the University of Virginia. Additionally, she’s worked with dozens of health systems to improve care, patient health, and cost.

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How to Use AI in Healthcare to Unlock Four Secrets in Your Data

Today’s healthcare leaders want their organizations to be data driven. However, many leaders incorrectly interpret data and analytic visualizations. Without accurate interpretation of analytics, healthcare leaders don’t have real data-driven insight to know how to strategically improve and measure wins and losses. 

Concerningly, only 4% of analysts, department leaders, executives, and board members can correctly identify the following four pivotal pieces of information in a line chart:

1. Baseline performance.
2. Extreme historical points.
3. Persistent shifts in performance.
4. Forecasted performance in six months.

Is your organization’s leadership part of the 4% that can correctly identify these four points in data presented over time? If not, your data and analytics may be doing more harm than good.

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