Jared Crapo

Senior Vice President, Integration

Jared Crapo joined the sales team at Health Catalyst in February 2013, and is now the Senior Vice President of Integration. Prior to coming to Health Catalyst, Mr. Crapo worked at Medicity as the Chief of Staff to the company President. During his tenure at Medicity, he was also the Director of Product Management and the Director of Product Strategy. Jared co-founded Allviant, whose CarePass consumer health platform was acquired and relaunched by Aetna, and has been an early employee at several other healthcare IT startups.

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Cloud-Based Open-Platform Data Solutions: The Best Way to Meet Today’s Growing Health Data Demands

Smartphone applications, home monitoring equipment, genomic sequencing, and social determinants of health are adding significantly to the scope of healthcare data, creating new challenges for health systems in data management and storage. Traditional on-premises data warehouses, however, don’t have the capacity or capabilities to support this new era of bigger healthcare data.

Organizations must add more secure, scalable, elastic, and analytically agile cloud-based, open-platform data solutions that leverage analytics as a service (AaaS). Moving toward cloud hosting will help health systems avoid the five common challenges of on-premises data warehouses:

1. Predicting future demand is difficult.
2. Infrastructure scaling is lumpy and inelastic.
3. Security risk mitigation is a major investment.
4. Data architectures limit flexibility and are resource intensive.
5. Analytics expertise is misallocated.

The Key to Transitioning from Fee-for-Service to Value-Based Reimbursement

The shift from fee-for-service to value-based reimbursements has good and bad consequences for healthcare. While the shift will ultimately help health systems provide higher quality lower cost care, the transition may be financially disastrous for some. In addition, the shifting revenue mix from commercial payers to Medicare and Medicaid is creating its own set of challenges.
There are, however, three keys to surviving the transition:

1) Effectively manage shared savings programs to maximize reimbursement.
2) Improve operating costs.
3) Increase patient volumes.

With an analytics foundation, health systems will be able to meet and survive today’s healthcare challenges.

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