David Dembo

Business Development Director for Australia and New Zealand

David is a medical doctor with over 30 years of health technology experience, having held a range of senior roles at Merck Sharp & Dohme, IBM, Microsoft, GE, and Orion.

David is passionate about medical technology and the use of data to improve quality and safety, and has a specific passion for AI and Analytics. He has combined his understanding of medicine and business to assist technology companies to grow their install base across Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

In David’s role as Business Development Director for Australia and New Zealand, he is responsible for the expansion of Health Catalyst into the region.

David’s qualifications span medicine, health economics, e-commerce, business, international management and AI.

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Data Is the Key to Handling Future Variants

Throughout the pandemic, it’s been extremely difficult for people seeking reassurance, information, or care to navigate the ever-changing restrictions and guidelines around testing, isolation and treatment. Omicron has created an extremely challenging situation at a time when healthcare demand already outstrips capacity, with overburdened nurses, staff shortages and a lack of beds. The more-infectious variant […]

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