Chris Arthur

Tech Optimization Services, Director

Chris Arthur joined Health Catalyst in 2020 as the Director of Technology Optimization Services within the Financial Transformation Business Unit. His team blends revenue cycle expertise and technology to allow for massive, measurable, and data-informed financial transformation.

Chris's background is in leading operations for revenue cycle and payment integrity engagements for both payer and provider initiatives. His expertise is in payment variances with a keen ability to identify, quantify, and remediate the root cause of denials, underpayments, and credit balances.

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Don’t Negotiate Your Next Payer Contract Without These Three Phrases

Reimbursements are a significant source of revenue for health systems. Yet, many organizations don’t receive the full reimbursement for a service rendered, even when the payer and provider have agreed on a rate. Unfortunately, keeping up with payer policy changes is difficult and most healthcare organizations don’t have a payer expert who regularly analyzes payer contracts. To protect themselves from surprise policy changes that lead to lost revenue, organizations should include three key phrases in their current and existing payer contracts:

1. “We’re not bound by payer policies unless agreed to in writing by both parties.”

2. “Once authorization is approved for a service, it cannot be subsequently denied.”

3. “Any code not in this contract will be reimbursed at a percent of charge.”

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