Adem Albayrak

VP of Technology, Life Sciences Business

Adem Albayrak has spent his career in the space of genomics, clinical research, and precision medicine across both industry and academia. Adem spearheaded software product development at Knome, the first company to commercialize whole genome sequencing and interpretation to accelerate the process of moving from big data to insights. Adem then led product management at BIOBASE, a biological knowledgebase company, where he launched a pharmacogenomics data product which was eventually acquired by Qiagen. Afterwards, he moved on to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute where he oversaw the hospital’s genomics data pipeline that enabled clinical research and translational medicine; supported researchers in bioinformatics and analytics projects; and headed up product management for the enterprise that included software for IRB-approved research data delivery, clinical data abstraction that leverages machine learning and data visualization, and more. Adem now leads Technology within Health Catalyst’s Life Sciences Business, tying together data engineering, clinical analytics, data science, and product development to enable our clients to work better with providers.

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