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Will New Healthcare Policy Impact Value-Based Healthcare?

The final days of 2016 were fraught with uncertainty about what Congress and the new Trump Administration would do to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the healthcare regulatory landscape overall. So far, in 2017, we do not have much more clarity. Repeal, repeal and replace, repeal and delay, modify without repeal—there are now even more questions than answers and still no consensus Republican plan in sight. Yet healthcare executives would certainly appreciate some modicum of clarity, at least on the narrower topic of whether the shift to value-based healthcare models will continue under whatever new system is coming. This webinar attempts to add clarity by analyzing what we know so far, as reflected in the limited actual evidence that is available.

Join Dan Orenstein, General Counsel, Health Catalyst, as he analyzes these three key pieces of information:

The 21st Century Cures Act (Cures)
The Executive Order on reducing the “burden” of the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
Tom Price’s comments at his confirmation hearings

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KLAS: The Population Health Management Journey

As population health management goes mainstream, providers need robust, integrated software solutions to aggregate and analyze data, coordinate care, engage patients and clinicians, and provide full administrative and financial functionality. Population Health Management is a journey, and the number of approaches to population health are varied.
Join Bradley Hunter, Research Director over Population Health at KLAS as he addresses these key questions:

How are providers looking to tackle population health?
What are the challenges facing providers today?
Which vendors are meeting the needs or are poised the meet the needs of providers in the future?

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The MD Anderson / IBM Watson Announcement: What Does It Mean For Machine Learning In Healthcare?

It’s been over six years since IBM’s Watson amazed all of us on Jeopardy, but it has yet to deliver similar breakthroughs in healthcare. The headlines in last week’s Forbes article read, “MD Anderson Benches IBM Watson In Setback For Artificial Intelligence In Medicine.” Is it really a setback for the entire industry or not? Health Catalyst’s EVP for Product Development, Dale Sanders, believes that the challenges are unique to IBM’s machine learning strategy in healthcare. If they adjust that strategy and better manage expectations about what’s possible for machine learning in medicine, the future will be brighter for Watson, their clients, and AI in healthcare, in general. Watson’s success is good for all of us, but it’s failure is bad for all of us, too.

Join Dale as he discusses:

The good news: Machine learning technology is accelerating at a rate beyond Moore’s Law. Dale believes that machine learning algorithms and models are doubling in capability every six months.
The bad news: The healthcare data ecosystem is not nearly as rich as many would believe, and certainly not as rich as that used to train Watson for Jeopardy. Without high-volume, high-quality data, Watson’s potential and the constant advances in machine learning algorithms will hit a glass ceiling in healthcare.
The best news: By adjusting strategy and expectations, there are still plenty of opportunities to do great things with machine learning by using the current data content in healthcare, while we build out the volume and breadth of data we need to truly understand the patient at the center of the healthcare picture… and you don’t need an army of PhD data scientists to do it.

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Introducing Two New Products From Health Catalyst

Join Eric Just, Senior Vice President of Product Development, as he will discuss:

How machine learning is now included into our analytics platform and being built into all our applications.
The toolsets we have developed to automate and democratize machine learning tasks both within Health Catalyst clients and to the broader healthcare industry.
Processes to gain clinician buy-in, and engage the best machine learning engine in the world.
Demonstrations and examples of this life-saving technology.

Dorian DiNardo, Vice President, will share how the Health Catalyst® MACRA Measures & Insights product can help you:

Integrate hundreds of measures across financial, regulatory, and quality departments.
Monitor the behavior, activities, and other changing information needed to influence, manage, or change outcomes.
Tactically and strategically identify measures to take on risk in multi-year value-based care contracts.

The webinar begins with Eric Just presenting catalyst.ai and is followed by Dorian DiNardo presenting  MACRA Measures & Insights starting at the 35:57 mark.

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Machine Learning Using Healthcare.ai

Levi Thatcher, Health Catalyst Director of Data Science and his team provide a live demonstration using healthcare.ai to implement a healthcare-specific machine learning model from data source to patient impact. Levi goes through a hands-on coding example while sharing his insights on the value of predictive analytics, the best path towards implementation, and avoiding common pitfalls. Frequently asked questions are answered during the session.
During the webinar, we will:
Describe and install healthcare.ai
Build and evaluate a machine learning model
Deploy interpretable predictions to SQL Server
Discuss the process of deploying into a live analytics environment.
If you’d like to follow along, you should download and install R and RStudio prior to the event. We look forward to you joining us!

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