Unlock the Secrets to Optimizing Ambulatory Operations Efficiency and Change Management

During this webinar you’ll learn the following:
  • How to optimize Ambulatory Operational efficiencies and initiatives
  • How visual management boards will enhance clinic performance and insights
  • Effective change management approaches

Today’s healthcare leaders are seeking technology solutions to optimize efficiencies and improve patient care. However, without effective change management and strategies in place, healthcare leaders struggle to strategically improve patient flow, space, to strategically improve patient flow, space, and schedule management, and implement daily huddles. The role of technology in supporting operational efficiency and change management initiatives is inevitable. 

During this webinar, attendees will learn how to optimize Ambulatory Operational Efficiencies and Change Management. Attendees will also learn about the importance of visual management boards in enhancing clinic performance and insights into effective change management approaches.  

CEUs will not be provided for this webinar.

Looking Ahead: Market Trends Impacting Key Healthcare Issues 

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