Analytics Accelerates COVID-19 Elective Surgery Restart



elective surgeryBanner Health was well prepared to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization suspended elective surgeries to help keep resources available for patients with COVID-19. Banner Health needed to understand the financial impact and develop a recovery plan that would allow it to resume providing high-quality surgical care to its patients and improve financial performance. The data required to understand the financial impact and develop a comprehensive recovery plan to resume surgeries was buried in the EMR and financial systems, making it challenging.


Banner Health is using the Health Catalyst® Data Operating System (DOS™), Department Explorer Surgical Services analytics accelerator, and a COVID-19 Elective Surgery Impact Analysis application to visualize the impact of canceled surgeries on revenue, and to develop the organization’s recovery plan. The organization can quickly and effectively visualize canceled cases, surgery backlog, and the revenue impact by facility and surgery type. It can compare case counts and revenue to prior timeframes.

Banner Health is developing its recovery plan by analyzing backlog and historical volumes, and block scheduling to determine how and where to resume elective surgeries safely.


Leveraging DOS and analytics, Banner Health has the integrated clinical, financial, and operational data required to develop the organization’s elective surgery financial plan.

  • In just two weeks, deployed a COVID-19 elective surgery impact analysis application.
  • Data-driven recovery plan with integrated clinical, financial, and operational data and analytics.
  • Hundreds of hours of manual data aggregation and reporting avoided.


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