Rapid Response Analytics Improves COVID-19 Incident Management Effectiveness



incident responseCOVID-19 required that Billings Clinic manage a disease outbreak and its organizational response to the outbreak. To respond effectively, Billings Clinic needed to integrate widely dispersed data into accurate epidemiological information. The data of interest resided in multiple source systems, and required manual data review and aggregation, limiting the ability of the organization to have a rapid, data-informed incident response.


Billings Clinic leveraged the Health Catalyst® Data Operating System (DOS™), Rapid Response Analytics Solution™, and Leading Wisely® to quickly visualize the data required to monitor and respond to the disease outbreak effectively.

Billings Clinic can efficiently visualize COVID-19 surveillance and testing data from local state departments of health and human services. Billings Clinic can also efficiently track and trend COVID-19 test orders and results for all of its patients, the number of virtual triage unit visits, ED COVID-19 visits, and more.


Leveraging DOS, Billings Clinic now has integrated, accurate epidemiological data for COVID-19, positioning the organization to use data to effectively respond to individual COVID-19 cases and manage its organization-wide response to COVID-19.

  • In just 15 minutes developed COVID-19 registry that can be quickly updated based on the most recent evidence.
  • In just 30 minutes developed and implemented a COVID-19 analytics application.
  • An integrated view of data, enabling effective incident management.

We were able to quickly consolidate and visualize information from multiple sources for our senior leadership and incident command teams in minutes rather than weeks. This is invaluable. – Tammye Garrett, MBA, Director, Enterprise Information Management

We are constantly able to modify the application to meet the dynamic needs of COVID-19. – Nilo Cabrera, Manager, Data Information Management


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