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Data Platform Supports Acquisition of Practices and Network Growth, Increasing Revenue

September 9, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • Visualization of pre-adjudicated claims data for more than 35 different practices and 150 providers—clearing the path for these practices and providers to join Carle’s CIN. $100K in manual labor costs avoided.
  • Regulatory reporting compliance achieved.

Analytics Facilitate $1M Grant Award to Improve Access to Behavioral Health Crisis Stabilization

August 19, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • $1M grant awarded for renovation to create a behavioral health crisis stabilization unit.

Analytics Enables Rapid Identification of Patients with COVID-19 Qualifying for Monoclonal Antibody Therapy

August 11, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • In just nine days, ChristianaCare leveraged DOS and data science tools to develop and implement a COVID-19 bamlanivimab eligibility machine learning model.
  • Automating the identification of eligible patients accelerated the organization’s ability to deliver monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of COVID-19.

Analytics Enables Identification of Opportunities to Improve Value and Accountable Care Organization Performance

July 22, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • $100K in manual labor costs avoided, the result of eliminating multiple iterations and meetings to obtain the necessary data and analyses.
  • >$10M in cost and utilization opportunity identified.
  • >90 percent improvement in analytics efficiency. Analyses that previously required months to complete are now completed in minutes.

Analytics Enables Robust COVID-19 Patient and Staff Contact Tracing

May 27, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • Daily contact tracing data available with the click of a button for more than 600 patients and thousands of employees.
  • Rapid identification of potential exposures, ensuring timely follow-up.
  • 1,000 hours of burdensome, manual data collection eliminated. Infection preventionists are able to redirect that time into preventing further spread of COVID-19.

AI-Powered Benchmarking Transforms Data into Insight, Improving Organizational Effectiveness

March 18, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • Leveraging Touchstone®, INTEGRIS Health has a deep understanding of its performance and a unified vision of quality, enabling the organization to focus on opportunities to improve outcomes and organizational performance. Rather than reacting to delayed performance data, the organization is proactively pursuing improvement.
  • Data are refreshed 50x faster than what INTEGRIS Health had before and the benchmarks themselves are both more adaptive and detailed.
  • The organization has saved $500K annually by sunsetting a third-party benchmarking tool.

Efficient Exchange of Data Improves Alternate Care Site Patient Transfers Increasing Capacity for COVID-19 Surge

February 25, 2021
Featured Outcomes
  • Nearly 300 patients transferred to the alternative care site, increasing hospital capacity.
  • Hundreds of hours of burdensome manual data processing avoided in just two weeks—thousands of work hours annually.
  • Valuable clinician time directed back to patient care—imperative for an effective COVID-19 surge response.

The Analytics Emergency: Rapid Deployment of Real-Time Analytics, Enabled Incident Command

December 10, 2020
Featured Outcomes
  • In less than 16 hours, deployed integrated, real-time dashboards for monitoring all COVID-19 activity, including patient testing and activity, care requirements, and supply utilization.
  • 99.8 percent relative reduction in processing time, providing incident command the critical data required to drive informed decision making.
  • Thousands of patients tested for COVID-19.
  • Integrated workforce and COVID-19 data for more than 13,000 employees, volunteers, and contractors.

Ambulatory Analytics Optimize Practice Management

November 19, 2020
Featured Outcomes
  • $15.2M in ambulatory outpatient revenue retained by rapidly shifting to telehealth.
  • $208K in annual savings, the result of eliminating the manual labor hours required to generate actionable reports.

Smartsourcing Clinical Data Abstraction Improves Quality, Reduces Costs, and Optimizes Team Member Engagement

September 24, 2020
Featured Outcomes
  • 49 percent relative improvement in clinical chart abstraction efficiency at Banner Health.
  • 15 percent reduction in the labor costs for clinical chart abstraction services at CHNw.
  • 30 percent relative improvement in team member engagement.

Turning Data from Five Different EHR Vendors into Actionable Insights

June 14, 2016
Featured Outcomes
  • Data from multiple EHR vendors were integrated within 12 months
  • More than 55,000 data elements and over 18 billion rows of data were incorporated
  • Patient-to-patient matching was implemented for over 1.1 million patients
  • Operational efficiency was improved by 70 percent

Reduce Readmissions with Predictive Analytics and Process Redesign

May 6, 2016
Featured Outcomes
  • 10.3 percent overall reduction in PPRs
  • 27 percent reduction in PPRs for patients with clinic follow-up within 5 days
  • $3.7 million reduction in variable costs due to avoided readmissions in 2015 compared to baseline