Leveraging Real-World Evidence and Global Provider Partnerships to Improve Outcomes

life sciences mapAs a healthcare transformation company, Health Catalyst is intimately aware of the factors that lead to successful outcomes improvement. For over 10 years, our next-generation data, analytics, and decision-support company has developed deep relationships with providers, helping them transform data-driven insights into real-world outcomes.

By partnering with Health Catalyst, the life sciences industry can reach a network of over 120 multi-payer and geographically diverse provider clients consisting of 5,000+ clinics and 500+ hospitals.

Our stepwise implementation model (shown in Figure 1) enables life sciences companies to:

  • Compliantly use real-world data.
  • Generate real-world evidence and insights.
  • Guide clinical trials design optimization, site selection and recruitment.
  • Implement population-level programs into the clinical workflow across the Health Catalyst provider ecosystem.

Only then can drug developers understand how their products perform in the real-world clinical setting and adjust indications to keep patients safe, optimize benefit, and properly follow regulatory processes.

Life Sciences_stepwise model

Figure 1. Our stepwise implementation model leads to successful life sciences product innovation and improved patient care.

Why Partner with Health Catalyst?

How Our Capabilities for Achieving Success Differentiate Us in the Market

Figure 2: Extended Real-World Data Platform in our Touchstone® Suite.

We measure our success in patient lives saved or improved and millions of dollars saved by our partner organizations.