The Real World Difference: What Sets Us Apart

As a healthcare transformation company, Health Catalyst is intimately aware of the factors that lead to successful outcomes improvement. For over 10 years, this next-generation data, analytics, and decision-support company has developed deep relationships with providers, from the C-Suite to a range of sophisticated operators, helping them transform data-driven insights into real-world action. Health Catalyst is now ready to massively transform the way life sciences operationalizes outcomes improvement.

Leveraging Global Provider Relationships

While much of the healthcare industry focuses only on data and evidence, Health Catalyst leverages its unique extended-real world data to drive real-world action that measurably improves patient outcomes. We align and act on the needs of patients, providers, pharma, and payers in our emerging outcomes-oriented world.

Health Catalyst leverages its relationships with healthcare organizations across the world to partner with the life sciences industry in real-world data and action:

  • Over 70 multi-payer and geographically diverse provider clients consisting of 5,000+ clinics and 500+ hospitals, resulting in 150+ success stories that highlight clinical, quality, and cost improvements.   
  • Over 125 million patients with 40 trillion facts comprising clinical, molecular, financial data elements represented across our core provider business.  

Understanding the Unique Challenges of Life Sciences

We recognize each company has a unique orientation to the market. Our partnerships model supplements ongoing real-world data and real-world evidence strategies. We have created a stepwise implementation model in which life sciences companies can compliantly implement population-level programs into the clinical workflow and drive successful models across the Health Catalyst provider ecosystem. As the life sciences industry increasingly partners with health systems, one at a time, Health Catalyst can help life sciences reach a network of systems through our access points.   

Enabling Real-World Data

Unlike traditional claims data, Health Catalyst derives its extended real-world data from the reality of providing care to a wide variety of patients across distinct sites of care. Health Catalyst has integrated over 200 sources of data, including clinical data, total cost of care, and patient satisfaction information. Our aim is not to simply link together disparate data sources, but rather to bring forth the necessary data to enable better care delivery.   

We measure our success in patient lives saved or improved and millions of dollars saved by our partner organizations.

Helping You Achieve Your Goals

Health Catalyst is committed to incite massive, sustained improvements in healthcare outcomes. We are the leaders in a new era of advanced predictive analytics for population health and value-based care with a suite of machine learning-driven solutions, world-class outcomes-improvement expertise, and an unparalleled ability to unleash and integrate data from across the healthcare ecosystem.