Why Choose the Care Management Suite?

The Care Management Suite is a data-driven care management solution with tools and processes that deliver visibility across the continuum for high-risk and at-risk populations, facilitate more streamlined and patient-centric workflows, improve the quality of patient care, and reduce overall costs. With data analytics revealing opportunities for improvement throughout the process, the Care Management Suite improves clinical, operational, and financial outcomes.

The Care Management Suite consists of three applications: Population Builder™: Stratification Module, Population Care Workflow, and Population Care Insights.

Population Builder™: Stratification Module

Identify patients most likely to benefit from care management.

Risk Models.

Stratify patients using multiple risk models—in addition to your organization’s existing models.

Customized Algorithms.

Adjust your algorithms to identify your high-risk populations.


Easily export lists for other applications and reporting needs.

Population Care Flow™

Qualify, enroll, and actively manage patients in care management programs with an end-to-end integrated workflow.

Improve Quality of Care.

An end-to-end, streamlined workflow for everything from patient enrollment, active care management, patient records, and care coordination between all care team members saves time and improves care.

View Aggregated Data.

An analytics-driven DOS platform aggregates disparate claims and EMR data to provide a comprehensive patient view.

Collaborate to improve treatment.

All care team members have access to a longitudinal, patient-centric view so they can track progress, identify barriers, share results with clinicians, and more.

Population Care Insights™

Effectively measure and maximize care management ROI with analytics focused on care management.

Share progress.

Metrics help care teams identify opportunities for improvement and track progress toward their goals.

Maximize ROI.

Operational, quality improvement, and clinical outcome metrics in a visual dashboard enable team members to demonstrate real ROI.

Analyze efficiencies.

Dashboards track and measure patient identification, team outreach, patient enrollment, assessments, caseload balance, and more.

Care Management Services

Care Management Optimization

Tailored tools to fit assessment and workflow needs.

Care Management Assessment

Comprehensive insight into your best path to care management success.

Care Management Population Design

Define and refine impactable populations for care management.

Care Management Program Design

Wise design for optimal impact.

Care Management Evaluation

Measure your progress and success in care management.