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Helping you manage Care Management

Designed with both patients and their care teams in mind.

From identifying patients to balancing case loads to customizing care, Health Catalyst’s Care Management Suite enables you to design, deliver, and measure the most effective program for your organization. It’s healthcare’s first care management solution designed with both patients and their care teams in mind, making it easier for care teams to do their jobs and empowering patients to be the leaders of their care.

See how the Care Management Suite of products addresses care management’s five key competencies.
Patient Stratification

Identify patients most likely to benefit from care management.

Risk Models

Stratify patients using multiple risk models—in addition to your organization’s existing models.

Customized Algorithms

Adjust your algorithms to identify your high-risk populations.


Easily export lists for other applications and reporting needs.

Care Coordination

Empower care managers to deliver the best patient care.

Care Plans

Work with patients to identify focus areas, goals, and track progress.

Bird’s Eye View

Organize patient interventions, make decisions about care, and communicate with the team.

Significant Events

Receive timely notifications to stay on top of critical patient events.

Care Team Insights

Track your productivity and performance.

Program Insights

Gain understanding into the care planning activities for each patient.

Team Progress

Get reports on the establishment of care plans and goals for each patient.

Return on Investment

Demonstrate and report on the viability of your program.

Patient Intake

Effectively manage care management programs and teams.

Starter Content

Get started faster with included care plans, assessments, focus areas, and goals.

Constant Visibility

Follow your care team’s progress and productivity to help balance case loads.

EHR Integration

Import and export from your EHR using industry standard frameworks.

Care Companion

Empower patients to take charge of their care and outcomes.

Team Communication

Make it easy for patients to communicate with their care teams.

Involve and Engage

Reduce patient (and care team) frustrations by providing everything patients need in one place.

Bringing Teams Together

Engage patients and their families, friends, and caregivers.