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Optimize your Medication Renewal Process with Standard Protocols and Embedded Insights

The most trusted, most used prescription renewal delegation engine in healthcare.


Health Catalyst Embedded Refills™

Save time by eliminating manual chart review
Improve quality with standardized, evidence-based protocols
Transforms user experience with embedded EHR workflows
Increase revenue by identifying care gaps

Make Better Business Decisions with Data You Can Trust

Save Provider Time and Reduce Provider Burnout

  • Reduce the number of renewal requests needing provider review by up to 60% through delegation to non-clinical staff.
  • Increase provider confidence with automated documentation in the EHR, so they immediately know if the renewal meets protocol criteria.
  • Enables staff to identify missing visits, thereby increasing physician satisfaction.
Provider Burnout

Increase Staff Operational Efficiency

  • Increase staff efficiency and patient turnaround with automated documentation in the EHR.
  • Enable a comprehensive view of patient information attached to each renewal request.
  • Enable staff to work to top of their license through delegation with standardized protocol.
Operational Efficiency

Increase Quality Through Standardization

  • Increase standardization and quality with more than 1,000 evidence-based, prescription renewal protocols.
  • Proactively identify care gaps for a patient’s active medications during prescription renewal.
  • Schedule overdue care (e.g., missing labs, past-due visits, etc.) consistent with evidence-based protocols.
Quality Standardization
Embedded Refills

Products & Services

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Health Catalyst Embedded Refills includes:

  • Standardize evidence-based care protocol library which drives consensus.
  • Catch gap care with suggested orders embedded directly within the EHR workflow.
  • Apply evidence-based protocols to all renewals for any overdue care, labs, etc.
  • Identify duplicates and potential medication errors through active medication checking extended beyond the EHR.
Case Studies

Trusted by Leading Healthcare Organizations

<65% Refills processed by non-clinical technicians

the result of an threefold increased efficiency of processing 200 refills per FTE/ 8-hour shift

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Over $1.5B in Measured Healthcare Improvements Using the Health Catalyst Platform, Powered by Data from Over 100M Patients

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