What is Touchstone?

The Touchstone analytics application is the next generation in benchmarking, opportunity analysis, and prioritization. Unlike antiquated benchmarking technologies with a narrow focus on the inpatient setting, Touchstone focuses on the full continuum of care—and surfaces machine learning-powered recommendations in an intelligent user interface.

Touchstone uses artificial intelligence to proactively identify where your organization is performing well and where it’s underperforming, and then recommends and prioritizes opportunities for improvement.

“With Touchstone we’re able to get to the ‘why’ not just the ‘what’ and to get there in real-time without hours of manual work. It’s faster, easier access to data to improve decisions.”

- David Wild, MD
Vice President of Lean Promotion at the University of Kansas Hospital
Touchstone Benefits

Proactively recommends opportunities for improvement

Uses AI to proactively recommend, quantify, and prioritize improvement opportunities. Users no longer have to sift through hundreds of benchmarks to find opportunities. Like Netflix, recommendations improve over time based on user interest (e.g., surgical services, labor and delivery, etc.).

Offers intelligent direction

Intelligent, intuitive user interface makes it quick and easy for users to explore the factors behind each improvement opportunity.

Focuses on the full continuum of care

Includes risk-adjusted benchmarks for the full continuum of care using the most granular and detailed data possible.

Touchstone Features

AI-powered opportunity analysis

Machine learning algorithms reveal improvement opportunities hidden in EMR, clinical, cost accounting, and claims data.

Seamless data extraction

Data extraction software pulls directly from the data warehouse, eliminating the manual file creation burden that’s common with other antiquated benchmarking technologies.

Democratized benchmarking

Intuitive user interface makes benchmarking available to as many people in the health system who want to use it.