Product Overview

SAM Designer is a data mart architecting software tool on the Health Catalyst Data Operating System that rapidly constructs, deploys, and executes subject area marts in an automated, repeatable way with simple SQL code to organize data from multiple sources for consumption by business intelligence and analytical visualization applications. SAM Designer also integrates machine learning capabilities designed to empower data architects–not just data scientists–to conduct data-science initiatives.

When Health Catalyst’s metadata-driven ETL engine loads source system data in DOS, subject area marts created with SAM Designer pull in relevant data and filter anything not needed. Analysts run calculations on that data and create visualizations that reflect the results. SAM Designer’s ease of use and small learning curve shift data skills required to more of a business focus than a technology focus, lowering the bar to entry and delivering a faster time to value.

Benefits & Features

Have more time for analytics when you deliver analytics-friendly data marts in less time with standard built-in ETL protocols –no SQL required.

Slash time to value with a metadata-driven ETL.

Scale your analytics by reducing reliance on team members with specialized IT knowledge.

Gain portability for deployment.

Promote discovery with an intuitive user interface.

Standardize the development process.

Bring the power of machine learning to your analytics with built-in statistical packages that enable techniques like regression, classification, clustering and more–no data scientist needed.