Services to Help Organizations Evolve Toward Value-Based Care

Health Catalyst Population Health Services support your organization’s journey toward population health management, helping you identify opportunities and implement change in a strategic, coordinated way. Partnering with your clinical, financial, analytic, and operational leadership, our team empowers your organization to succeed in near-term imperatives—while laying the foundation for long-term transformation to better care at lower cost and success in risk-bearing agreements.

Services Overview

Unique Breadth and Depth of Healthcare Experience

Clinical, Financial, and Operational Experts Guide Your Population Health Journey

With expertise across healthcare domains, Health Catalyst’s population health management (PHM) team is uniquely qualified to support payment and care transformation in your organization. We partner with your leadership and leverage data and analytics to help you identify and quantify opportunities—and implement change in a strategic, coordinated way.

Analytics for Value-based Care

Experienced, Professional Insight and Technology

Health Catalyst uses data to identify and evaluate your organization’s improvement opportunities by service line, patient cohort, or risk contract. Our analysts and subject matter experts partner with your team to support the analytics that your organization needs to succeed in value-based care decision-making. More fundamentally, our experts also help equip you to meet the new use-cases ushered in by value-based care by helping you to design, plan, and implement an analytics infrastructure that provides a cross-continuum view of your population and support for advanced data analysis.

PHM Strategic Consulting

A Clear and Meaningful Vision for Population Health Management—and a Rational Path Forward

What efforts—and in what sequence—should your organization undertake now to move toward the goal of improved quality and lower costs for populations of patients? Should your organization be making upfront investments in care management, ambulatory quality initiatives, risk coding, utilization management, or a site-of-care strategy, and, in what sequence? Taking a systematic, data-informed approach to these questions, our consultants can help you refine your understanding of your organization’s current state, identify promising opportunities for improvement, and check the fit between potential PHM initiatives and other organizational priorities. The output? A population health roadmap that’s grounded in your current realities, informed by an accounting of likely ROI, and aligned with your overall strategy and vision.

Support for Financial and Payment Transformation

Smart Strategies to Balance Risks and Set a Sustainable Course Forward

Working hand-in-hand with your organization’s financial and administrative leaders, our consultants provide analytic, strategic, and operational support for success in alternative payment models like Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), the CMS’s bundled payment program (BPCI Advanced), and clinically integrated networks (CINs). Our team also provides services to optimize billing and enhance revenue capture, helping you safely navigate the split world of fee-for-service and fee-for-value—and ensuring a revenue source for quality care delivery.

Care Management Strategic and Operational Services

Guidance as You Plan, Build, and Optimize Your Care Management Program

Strong care management can meet patient needs and drive success in value-based contracts. Our experts collaborate with you to refine your targeted care management populations and support your program from design and planning, to hiring and training, to program implementation and ongoing operational management, to evaluation.

Care Redesign Services

Strategies to Improve Care Across the Continuum

With the goal of reducing administrative burden, lowering financial risk, and providing better care for patients, our clinical experts take a data-informed approach to helping you streamline your approach to quality measures, identify and prioritize gaps in ambulatory care, and pursue a roadmap and strategy to close care gaps. Our team can also surface improvement opportunities in the care of chronic conditions—and partner with you to optimize processes in way that activate all components of your system to the benefit of the patient.

“Health Catalyst enables access to cross-continuum care data as well as the analytics to glean insights from it–and is a key partner in achieving the aims of population health."

- Amy Flaster, MD MBA