Service Overview

Combining qualitative and quantitative methods of assessment, Health Catalyst experts explore your population health management (PHM) infrastructure and data and deliver targeted recommendations for care and financial improvement. The insight and guidance afforded by this service help you determine PHM priorities that are grounded in current contractual and cultural realities, informed by a careful accounting of ROI, and aligned with the overall strategies of your organization.

Service Benefits & Components

Clarify your current position vis a vis value-based care.

Our PHM experts review your existing contractual requirements, benchmarking data, organizational performance and finances, and strategic priorities—helping to clarify near-term imperatives while establishing a baseline for improvement.

Explore and build shared understanding of your population health readiness, resources, and goals.

Using a proven scoring tool, our team conducts on-site interviews with key stakeholders to better understand the infrastructure and vision for your PHM efforts. Your perspectives on governance, culture, the role of data and analytics in driving change, structures to support physician engagement and accountability, market factors, and previous efforts—all of these inform recommendations for future work and the sequence, pace, and scope of change. As needed, we provide targeted assessments to gauge readiness for care management and government payer program participation (ACOs, BPCI, etc.).

Maximize the strategic value of your data and analytics.

Our PHM experts conduct quantitative analysis of your claims and clinical data—and in the process model for you the questions to ask and places to look for your most promising opportunities.

Take advantage of nation-wide experience and perspective.

The PHM team has years of cumulative experience using data and analytics to help organizations achieve significant care improvement and cost savings within a value-based care models. When you work with our team, you partner with and learn from financial and clinical experts— and also benefit from our experience as a company with other health systems facing similar challenges in population health management.

Define a rational path forward on your journey to success in population health management.

The PHM Opportunity Analysis Service engagement culminates in the delivery of an executive report and stakeholder presentation.